Fathers of toddlers will understand why this project is taking so !#$^$&$#@ long.

Anyway, I've got my power cables hooked up to the battery, fuses in place, and the 4-channel amplifier I'm going to use (Pioneer) installed and working. (Unfortunately, the PC isn't in the van yet, so my wife has to plug her ipod directly into the amp to listen to anything as the factory head unit is now completely disconnected).

Most of my time lately has been spent getting all the software setup correctly. The video player issue discussed in the post immediately above this one has taken a considerable amout of time. I got it working really well, but I've hit a major snag when I introduced the iGuidance GPS software...

iGuidance voice/audio/sound output

Anyway, while I'm waiting to figure out what I'm going to do with that, I'm ready to drop the screen and PC into the van. Will post photos when that's finally done.