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Thread: 2005 Impreza - A little Different

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    2005 Impreza - A little Different

    Well, I started my Subaru project last week.

    At first I was considering just buying the dash kit and making life easy on myself. But through a combination of being too cheap to buy the kit and really liking tactile controls, I decided to dremel out my dash enough to fit a custom bezel with room for a volume knob, and 4-8 control buttons.

    One of my goals is do no fiberglassing at all. I'm using lexan plates glued together to get additionall thickness then forming them as I need.

    I plan to use the ashtray space to hold a mini-usb hub, line-in w/sepreate volume, and pc/amp relay power switches.

    Intel P3 933MHz
    Gateway MicroATX Board
    Maxtor 40gig HDD
    256megs RAM
    Lilliput EBY701
    Sabrent TV/FM Tuner
    haven't decided on GPS brand yet
    M2-ATX 160watt

    600watt Jensen Amp(already had)
    Sony 6.5" front
    Sony 4" rear
    Possibly 1 10" sub

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    So, here's a couple pictures from working on the factory dash piece. I was going too add pictures of the control buttons I made out of acrylic but they were too small to get a non-blurry shot of.

    I'll post new pics when I finish the left side and repaint.

    Hopefully I'll start building the slideways for the controls this week depending on whether or not the rod I ordered comes in.

    This is how it began life and the last is with the rear webbing(can't see) and the right side dremeled away but its its kinda hard to see.
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