1) The car is worth every penny i spent into it. Its a hobby, and at the end of the day, thats what keeps me sane after coming home from an insane, drama full, dumba$$ full, work day in corporate world of america. I have an audi RS6, BMW m3 with m5 swap, 08 lancer and 87 prelude in my garage as well, so its not like u can say "man u could have bought a german car for that money" - as i dont need another one
2) HUD does replace the speedo
3)No glare on the windscreen, Defi gauges are sick in many ways, and thats one of them... there is no reflection on the windshield
4) drums are drums, no need to have 13" porsche disk brakes on 1300lb car
5) i dont reach touchscreen.. thats what the mouse is for right under my right hand. I only reach the touchscreen when parked or for demonstration. the difference between touchscreen and non touchscreen display wasnt that much, so why not have touchscreen in case i do something else with it later Oh and everything now works.