Hi all!

New to the forum(not forums, so i will search lol), love the forum. There are plethers(sp) of info here to be had. Basically I've been reading up on carputers since I owned a Neon 2 years ago. Not assuming I know anything. I know nothing.

Info about me:

In the military

Now that I got that out of the way. Basically, i was checking EvilBay and the store here and what not at parts to piece together for a carputer for my truck. And my wife was like why not just use the...dun dun dunnnn....Dell. lol So i was like ok i'll give it a shot. Dell Dimension 8100.

My set up will hopefully end up being :

Inverted Power
The board, HD, Processor, DVD drive (from the donor)
7" touch screen mounted near my cup holders somewhere
and my Audio...which i already have...(T215D2, MTX TA7801, and a Sony Head unit with a front AUX input-to run from the sound card)

Now that the "backround" info is over...Progress:

Today - Tear down
Ripping apart the Dell took me about an hour....so many clips, screws, tabs, ect..

I'll get some pics of it all tore up, proposed install locations; when i get a chance. My camera is at my shop. Taking pictures for a deployed troop of mine to include in a care package.

Thanks, I'll post more soon.....