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Thread: 2008 Nissan Altima Coupe Carputer Install

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    Updates now in the 5th post for the physical install.

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    Smile awesome

    First of all, thanks for sending posting a reply on my Carputer for Altima Coupe thread.

    Looks like you planned and executed your design very well. I am impressed. You mentioned you are going to school or done with school. Did you study engineering? EE prehaps? I only ask because from the forms you seem to have an engineering mindset. Or you have just done this many times.

    I have a couple questions about your setup.

    With your setup you have now.. are you still able to use the steering wheel controls (ie. volume, seek, and hands free calling) with your carputer?

    Did you already have the stock XM receiver/antenna in your Altima before putting your new XM system in or was XM a new addition to your Altima?

    Are you thinking about adding in a backup camera or other cameras into your system?

    By the way... nice Weller soldering station you have. (seen in the background of your Phase I pictures).

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    Been a while since I've posted here.... busy term.

    I am going to school but as a computer scientist. Planning and documenting is just one of my specialties. The steering wheel controls do work, however they only control the Pioneer reciever using a PIE adapter, not the computer. There is no button for handsfree. I recently switched to an iPhone and the damn thing is locked down so hard I can't get any useful connection to the carputer. There is a system that does allow connecting to a computer through USB, but I don't have a website address. I'm currently trying to find it myself.

    I never had XM in the car to begin with. In Canada it meant I needed to buy the Premium sound set which only came in automatic cars, not manual. I couldn't justify the extra $6000 on the car.... The antena is what came with my XM Direct 1000 which I just placed where the stock antena normally goes.

    I have no plans to install a backup camera but if I did, I would put one right at the end of my bumper on the passenger side looking towards the side. This would be to help see if cars are coming when backing out of parking stalls. Wouldn't you know I always end up with some huge truck with tinted windows parking next to me so I can't see if its clear to back up.

    I love my little WES-50. Its lasted me 8 years now from my high school electronics to playstation 2 mods to every little project in between.

    Unfortunately as of December 30th, 2008. My in-dash motorized touch screen no longer displays a picture... Can't blame it. It survived two cars and 5 frigid Canadian prarie winters. Finding a good motorized vga touch screen these days is hard... I've decided to change the design a little bit. My repair plans will be coming soon.

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