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Thread: Kia Spectra 2006 Carputer Project

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    Kia Spectra 2006 Carputer Project

    - Via 1.3Ghz Mini-itx
    - Lilliput 7 inch touchscreen
    - DC/DC converter 140W
    - Linksys 2.4Ghz
    - Microsoft GPS receiver
    - Bluetooth receiver
    - Rear view Nightview webcam(To be bought)
    - USB Hub 4ports 2.0 Nexxtech
    - RCA(Yellow,Red and White)/USB coupler for center console
    - DVDR/CDRW Combo Laptop in a USB External Case

    - and anything else that I'll come to think ^-^

    Here is some picture of my work(I'll add others later):

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    Moved to worklogs until this can be verified as a completed project.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    Oh sorry I did a mistake

    Thank you

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    Here some others picture of my Carputer. Made of wood and acoustic mats. I mounted the HDD below the top with grommets and I mount my front usb that comes with the board so 2 extra USB plug ^-^.

    Inside, I put the mainboard + M2-ATX with a big fan that will blow up the "maybe" heat inside of it.

    I decided to cover it with acoustic mats because it will be side to side with my Sub in the trunk is for aesthetics!

    Front View

    Back View


    More to come...I just received my USB Active Cable so now I can hook up my screen controller

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