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Thread: 2003 Mazda Protege 5 Audio & Carputer Install

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    2003 Mazda Protege 5 Audio & Carputer Install

    Hello Everyone,

    I've been reading a number of the projects on here for a while now, and finally went ahead and ordered parts for my own car.

    The car will be a 2003 Mazda Protege 5 Sport Hatchback. I'm going to be doing a full audio install with a carputer as a head unit.

    Here is a list of what is going into the car. Items in Bold have already been purchased and are on the way. Others I hope to purchase over the next few days.

    Front Speakers: Alpine SPX17-REF Components
    Rear Speakers: Alpine SPR-17C Coaxial
    Multi-Channel Amp for front/rear speakers: MB Quart PAB4100.4
    Mono-Amp for Subs: MB Quart PAB1200.1D
    Subwoofers:2x Alpine 10" Type R Series (SQ) SWR-1042D
    1/0 Power-Wiring setup (w/ fuse block, distribution blocks, etc)
    Various signal wiring (RCA, sub, adapters, etc)
    100 sq ft. Dynamat Equivelent

    Compuer Setup:
    Mini-ITX CarPC Case w/80W DC-DC Power Supply
    7" Xenarc Touch-Panel LCD
    VIA EPIA Motherboard (1Ghz, on-board 5.1 Audio output)
    100GB Fujitsu 2.5" notebook HD
    USB GPS Reciever
    Slot-load USB DVD-ROM drive

    As of right now, I'm looking for suggestions in a couple areas.
    1) Subwoofers: I'm looking for two 10" subs that will provide good, tight base when coupled with the rest of my setup. The amp I have ordered provides 1200w output @1ohm or 800w output @2ohm. I'm aiming for a 2ohm combined setup with the two subs, capable of handling 800 watts of power.
    2) FM-AM Reception? Does anybody know of some type of USB FM-AM tuner?
    3) Audio Output from computer: The motherboard will have a 6 channel output. Will the quality from this output be sufficient quality at high amplification levels?

    I'll post some pics as soon as this stuff starts arriving.

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    Update #1:
    Subs have been purchased...
    I went with Alpine Type R SWR-1042D x2.
    <--- My other car

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