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Thread: 2005 Kia Rio Carputer

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    2005 Kia Rio Carputer

    I've finally started my first carpc project and thought this may be a good place to show what's going on...

    My car : a cheap Kia Rio Station Wagon

    My hardware :
    Mobo Intel D201GLY2 ITX, 1024MB RAM, 40GB SATA HDD, M2-ATX, P4 Adapter)
    CTFGPS-2 USB GPS (Sirf 3 chipset)
    Voom Case
    MM400 -V2- VGA 7" TFT - Touchscreen USB - PAL/NTSC

    Since not all the hardware has been delivered I started by disassembling my car radio bezel to check for accurate measures of the monitor housing.

    Since this is a test project my mission is to keep everything as stock as possible and not to break anything for future reverting the car to stock (I'm planning to sell my baby after completing this project and buy a more serious Mercedes ML).

    Following these rules the next step was disassembling the monitor and milling a nylon plate as accurate as possible to create a monitor bezel that has to fit the car housing. The plate will also have spare space to fit a double Usb port and all the monitor switches and leds.

    Here are a bunch of images of work done till now showing the car as it was, the plate during milling and a test fitting.
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