OK well been having some of my parts awhile and ready for the work log post.Ive built 3 home machines of my own so thats no biggie.Its how the power and car comes in that gets me a lil confused.


Via M10000
512 ram
4gb Cf card for OS
USB bluetooth
Usb Wireless
M1 -atx power supply
Ampie Car Computer Case
2008 Lilliput 7" VGA Touchscreen 629GL-70NP LED Backlight.

(Gonna keep the cd player installed)

So far im still working on the software side of the install and not so much hardware.

What the car has already installed
-0-gage wire
X-file 1600wtt Amp
2 power acoiustics 12's
custom tuned ported box
Simple panasonic cd-mp3 player.(alot of sound settings)

Right now im still trying to See what front-end and skin i wanna run.RR is at the top of my list but need to test some others.

What i need from my front-end is
Music-(From removable drive)

Extras that arnt important


Now for a few questions.

1.My amp pulls alot of power from the car dimming lights and all.I was wondering if it would still be ok to run the PC power of a power dis block?

2.Can i use the radio acc wire as my IGN wire for the pc and screen?

3.I read the whole sticky on How to power my screen and im still lost on the best way of doing this.Can i use my M1- atx and how?

4.Im sure thell be more "?'s" later ..

Ohh and thanks this is a Great Forum

Only pic