After a year or so of lurking I decided it was time to get this project moving. I'm going to try and seperate this first post into various sections mainly to help me plan and organize ideas and information. I've learned a great deal from these forums, unfortunately I've also forgotten quite a bit as I have been doing a years worth of planning(/dreaming) in my head but nothing on paper. Hopefully by using this worklog I will be able to bring some of my ideas into reality.

Basic PC Setup

  • M10000 1Ghz M/B [X]
    512 Ram [X]
    30 GB Hard Drive [X]
    Windows XP [X]
    Voom2 Case [ ]

  • PSU: M2-ATX [ ]

Optical Drive [ ]
Touchscreen Lcd Lilliput 629 on eBay(must be transflective, it is a convertible) [X]
  • Bluetooth Keyboard

Listing the Goals of the PC setup should help me to keep focused on collecting all the necessary items needed and install steps that will need to be performed.

Phase 1: Assemble PC and Bench test
Complete assembly of PC core
hard drive
power supply
operating system

for testing
usb keyboard/mouse
external optical drive
supply power from wall to M?-ATX power supply(AC - DC)

Phase 1.5 - Install to pc and test all Phase 1 software and peripherals
Front End
Bluetooth Keyboard

Phase 1.75 - LCD
Choose Lcd [X]
Create Custom Bezel

Phase 2 - Car Install and testing
Install PC - trunk
Install Lcd/Custom Bezel
Install Necessary Antennas

Phase 3 - Networking/Rearview camera
Flip out keyboard armrest
Implement License frame camera setup
Implement Wake on Lan solution
Implement Remote Desktop Solution

Phase 4 - Automation 1
Control Locks and Windows
Control Convertible Top

Phase 5 - Automation 2
Control Car Start Up
Automate Doors