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Thread: 2008 Scion xD

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    2008 Scion xD

    Here's the background, my boyfriend and I were in Miami for a trip with his law school. I had my GPS device, my Sirius, and his Laptop all plugged into ONE cig lighter plug. Wires were everywhere, the GPS wasn't working all of the time, and Sirius kept getting unplugged by the loose outlet splitter I had.

    When we got back I decided to search to see if it was possible to have a computer control Sirius - I'm a huge fan of Sirius, I can't live without it - When I found Mitch's solution, I knew what I had to do! In one week, I ordered the following

    Most important Mitch's SC-C1 USB Sirius Interface
    Lilliput 7" EBY701
    VoomPC case
    Intel D201GLY2A
    (1.2GHz Celeron)
    1 gig Ram
    120 gig Hard Drive
    160W M2-ATX
    Holux GR213 GPS USB Receiver

    I'm sure i'll get a few chuckles from my weak procssor and the M2-ATX, oh well, it seems to be working well enough.

    I assembled everything at work and started installing software.

    WindowsXP Pro (minLogon)
    Skin-Modified Carwings
    iGuidance 4

    Thought I'd throw a picture in there because that's what you really want to see, screw the text right? I mean, that's what I mostly look at on here.

    Back to my story.

    One day I plan on puting the LCD Display in the 2 din radio spot. When I was going on my shopping spree I didn't want to buy a big amp for my speakers and simply use the head unit to power the speakers.

    I have recently come across a nice little DIY board that will do 40W x4, plenty for all I really need. I expect by summer the display will replace the stock headunit.

    Here is my modified Carwings skin

    My next addition is a modified joypad. I ordered 4 power window momentary rocker buttons [on|off|on] There are 4 switch blanks in the center consol of the xD by the eBreak. I'll solder the momentary rockers to 8 buttons on the joypad and use CdRsKuLL's joypad 3 software to control RoadRunner. (The boyfriend gets on my case about playing with my screen while driving.)

    I hope you've enjoyed my story and pictures


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    Performance of your MB

    Hey I just bought that same Celeron 1.2 board. What kind of performance/ boot times are you getting? I gave all my DDR2 to a friend so I can't test it at the moment. I'm going to hopefully have this installed in my tC by the end of the summer. You're install looks pretty good!

    Oh can you show some pics of the location and housing for your pc?

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