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Thread: 2000 MX5/Miata EEEPC CarPC (Photos)

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    Work great now, thank you for the help!!
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    I'm following your progress and am doing pretty much the same set up.

    What are you using as your front end? Centrafuse??
    I rushed and didn't plan and already bought a copy of 2009 Street and Trips with the BU353... I cant get it to work with Centrafuse though, is there a special plug in?

    Oh, you can remove the lid of the Eee and take out the magnet so the Eeepc think it's "open" all the time so you can turn it on. I just unplug the LCD completely and sold it back on since it's pretty high demand and fetch good price. I also stripped the Eee completely naked and attached a pretty huge heat sink on it, so no more overheating, I dont even need a fan on it.

    Thanks for all the information and tips on the ethernet loopback power up and relay diagram!
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