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Thread: CarPC Install and Audio Upgrade - Ford F550 Truck

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    CarPC Install and Audio Upgrade - Ford F550 Truck

    I am moving my CarPC to it's 3rd vehicle now. Just beginning to do the install, pulling wires and such.

    10" Xenarc Touch Screen
    In order to mount the screen "on" the dash, yet allow access to all dash controls and allow the passenger screen access, I removed a sliding drink tray tray from the dash and fabricated a steel plate to cover the hole. I have also added support brackets from inside the dash out to the plate in order to support the weight of the LCD under road stress. Then I slightly modified and installed a small LCD monitor tilt/swivel bracket (TigerDirect) to that steel dash plate. I plan to fill in the space on either side of the mount with padded, matching vinyl wrapped 1/4" plywood and Velcro those 2 trim pieces to the steel plate to trim it out yet allow it to be removable.

    Alpine Head Unit
    I pulled the OEM 2-DIN HU and installed an Alpine HU. This is the second vehicle this HU has seen. I am only "somewhat" pleased with the Metra brand install kit. The fit and finish if the kit is fine but the plastic is a bit flimsy. If it fails on me due to weight, I may have to replace it. If I replace it, I may skin the new kit with sheet metal and gusset it here and there. The Metra connector wired up with the head unit and integrated into the Ford harness fine. Everything worked!

    PC Speaker
    I do not use my CarPC for music. I use it for GPS navigation, Web and email. But I do need to hear the GPS commands. I had a decent Motorola two-way radio speaker so I decided to use that. I selected the ceiling, center, behind the dome light as the ideal spot to mount it, Here, it is out of the way, yet optimal for hearing it under the clatter of the diesel engine and highway road noise. I fabbed a mounting bracket and used 3/16" rivets to attach the bracket to the dome light support in the ceiling. I also riveted the speaker bracket to the mounting bracket. The speaker can swivel if needed. I fished an old Monster Cable RCA to RCA audio interconnect across the headliner to the speaker and then to the CarPC location behind the back seat.

    Platform for CarPC
    I cut, shaped, carpeted and mounted a piece of 3/4" MDF behind the back seat to use as a platform to mount the PC, Router, USB Hub and fuse block.

    Next will be more pulling of wires (signals down the driver side and power down the passenger side) and installing the PC and related items.

    Below are some progress pictures. I will update this thread as the project progresses.

    Link to: CarPC
    Link to: Avalon Project
    Link to: RAM Cam
    Link to: Ford F550
    Link coming: Prius

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    Looks great! We've got an F-450 King Ranch we're going to do a similar setup in based on yours. Keep up the good work.

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