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Thread: building a carpc from my old laptop

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    building a carpc from my old laptop

    donít have all the equipment yet got the laptop ready software installed music and videos

    heres the car the pc is going in 2007 tiburon gt limted

    here is the cheap raido i got off ebay last year for $250.00 i sold it today

    waiting on the gps receiver and the screen DWW-6500

    what I did so far

    taped in to the laptop powder button wire

    ran the wire trough the laptop to where the floppy drive would go

    drilled a hole and put a 1/8 mono phone jack this will be my auto on/off wire I can install and unhook laptop easy with this setup

    here is the wiring harness I made for it still need to add 2 more wires

    the laptop is working I must have done something right

    more pic to come when I get the rest of the parts should be here monday

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    Quote Originally Posted by slvrsol View Post
    uhhmm.. interesting song title
    You really like that song hunh?
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    Favorite thread EVER!

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    love that song beherit is one of my favorite groups along with cannible corpse and lucifer

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    Moving this to Worklog forum
    SOYP forum is for completed projects only.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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