I've been on this site for a while and I've been playing with my carputer for a while so I figured it was finally time to start up a worklog.

First off, this is the vehicle:

Second, the specs:

Motherboard: JetWay J7F2WE1G5D-OC-LF
Memory: CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB PC2 4200
Sound: SoundBlaster Audigy 2 w/ KX Drivers
HDD: Toshiba 120gb 2.5" 5200rpm
Screen: 7" Lilliput Touchscreen
GPS: Globalsat BU-353
DVD: Pioneer DVR-K06 Slot-Load External
Keyboard: MadCatz PS2 USB Key
I/O: Fusion Brain

The case is custom made, it doesn't look too pretty but it functions as it should. On to the photos:

There's more in my gallery at http://www.superbluecrv.com. I'll post an update here with some teaser shots every time I add a new album.