My project is as follows:

1.3ghz Incar PC
40GB 2.5" hard drive (possibly looking at adding an additional one with a bigger size.
DVD drive
USB GPS unit

This will be wired up to a 7" touch screen monitor which will be mounted in my centre console.

Currently this is what my centre console should look like if it was in the car (I pulled it out before I took the photos hence the hand holding up things

I'm going to be moving the heater controls from the middle/top to the bottom of the console. Here is a photo without anything screwed in.

I'm going to be cutting up the centre console and remoudling the bottom part to fit the heat controls. I'm then going to be cutting out the joint which is in the middle where you can see the head unit should be, this will house my CD drive and monitor. I'm then also looking at creating my own buttons for the hazard lights etc which are supposed to be at the top.

Everything will be mounted behind where the centre console is, I'll get a photo of this tomorrow