the now.
picked this up a month or so ago & it deserves a computer!

the factory stereo has gone, replaced by the previous owner with a kenwood unit - which has an aux in, which will come in handy in the short term.

i've an 8" touchscreen shipping from, which initially will run with my 1.1ghz 20gb banger of a laptop (stuffed into the rear of passenger seat pocket) .

some history.
ive been running pc navigator and foobar2000 on the passenger seat of my '93 mondeo for the past year and whilst functional it felt cumbersome. with the new car a fresh determination to integrate and improve the car computing has surfaced.

the plan.
initially id like to get a 'plug-in' type system which will allow me to plug in teh laptop for use whilst driving - usual suspects: gps, mp3, web, etc. mid-term i'd like to fully integrate with an oem look fitted lcd in-dash replacing the current double-din uglies. in time i see the system being fitted and wired from the boot since my dream is to be able to get a game of pro-evolution soccer while im waiting in teh carpark for the missus to come back with the shopping. hehe. or stick with the laptop option with an asus eeepc901 for flexibility. decisions decisions.

anyroad, thats where im at today - i have a sweet motor with plenty of carputer potential and wide open spaces to play with. im searching the scrap yards for an 850 dash so i can dremel & fabricate with room for error oh & a new bonnet!

ill throw up some more pix & progress as it happens.