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    07 Lobalt

    Hi everyone my names Dustin but pretty much everyone knows me as Cheetah. I'm the oklahoma president for Freaks of Nature car and truck club and I'm currently in the process of building an insane 07 Cobalt from the ground up. I'll try not to bore you guys out to much so I'll just post some pics and key points and if anyone wants to know more just ask

    The first pic is the actual rendering for what we are building... everything is pretty close so far. there will be a lot more detail in the razor wire on the pinstripe since its airbrushed but it gives an idea.

    Next is a rough picture of how the car was setting about a month ago... pretty much all of the air ride suspension stuff is done with the exception of all the stainless hardlines and stuff up top which we cant do until after fiberglass and paint is done.

    now for some specs...


    Narrowed rear end 1" on each side and bagged with 2500 lb slam bags.

    Front end is a 6" cce hydraulic cylinder tied to a 10" cce cylinder in the trunk with a 2600lb slam bag pushing on it to lift the front end.

    Front is completely tubbed, powerball top cups, tubular lower control arms, and custom built cv axles from CRV performance to handle the extreme angles sitting that low.


    Shaved everything ( door handles, trunk key holes, spoiler, gas door, mirrors, license plate box, antenna, 3rd brake light, and xm sat antenna off the roof.)

    New paint will be 2 tone laser blue with a heavy pearl on bottom and chrysler cool vanilla on top with a lamborgini orange graphic with other colors for accent.

    License plate rolls up out of the top of the bumper in back when it needs to show and drops down when not needed.

    Stereo: ( this is where it gets good)

    2 Treo SSX 12" subs on 2 Treo SSX 2000.1 amps ported with dual 6" aero ports firing onto the backglass.

    2 Treo SSI 8" subs on 1 Treo SSX 800.1 inverted in sealed boxes in the center console.

    2 Treo 6.5" SSX Mid range drivers on a Treo TSX 250.2 amplifier in the rear quarters for mid bass.

    4 Treo 6.5" SSX Mid range drivers ( 2 per door) with 4 SSX Tweeters ( 2 per door) running on 2 Treo 75.2 amps ( 1 per door) and then the 4 tweeters run on a seperate 75.2

    2 Kinetik HC 2000 batteries in the back and 1 HC 800 under the hood with a factory alternator wound up to 200A and a secondary 300A alternator.


    Not sure yet thats the next step lol... hopefully some of you can point me in the right direction... I'm by no means new to pc stuff as I'm a network engineer / hardware planner by trade.

    I do know that whatever i run with will more than likely be a fairly dumb terminal with a broadband card... I'm planning on using a citrix system to connect the dumb terminal over to a dedicated server running a virtual session... basically the session is always running so when the carpc comes up its nothing more than connecting and walla

    anyways comments are always welcome and thoughts and ideas would be even better

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    Hey Cheetah! Your everywhere! THe lobalt is lookin sweet!

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