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Thread: 2005 Audi A4 B6 Euro Spec Avant carpc

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    2005 Audi A4 B6 Euro Spec Avant carpc

    Greeting friends,

    I am a new member from Taiwan. I been doing some reading off mp3car forum in the past few weeks with the idea of implementing carpc into my own car. I still have much more to learn but I think I will give it a shot and hopefully don't break too much stuff. Before I go any further here is my car.

    Goods ordered and received.
    AMD 4850E 45W CPU

    1G DDR2800 Transcend SODIMM

    Silverstone NT07-AM2 1U CPU cooler

    J&W MINEX780G Mini ITX board

    Polk Audio Signature Reference Series components
    Polk Audio SR6500 speakers
    Polk Audio PA500.4 4-Channel Amplifier (Bi-Amp)
    Polk Audio SR124-DVC Subwoofer
    Polk Audio PA1200.1 Class D Monoblock Amplifier
    Dynamat Extreme 36' Bulk Pack x 2
    Dynamat Dynaxorb Speaker Pak

    Goods ordered and yet to be received
    Hippohifi USB DAC with all the options loaded

    Stuff yet to be ordered
    Power - Opus 320
    LCD - Transflective touch panel LCD (sign... says they don't ship stuff to Taiwan, lovely). I may do this one instead.
    Winmate R08L100-OFM2TR/R08L110-OFM2TR transflective LCD with AR coating.
    8.4" 1024x768 native resolution screen. 171.264 (H) x 128.448 (V) active area....Yummy~

    Anyway, this would be my first carpc project. Wish me luck! I know I will need all the help I can get so comments or suggestions are more than welcome ^^

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    Time for upate... been busy with work and all...

    I have received the fully loaded Bloat from Hippohifi. Let's open it up and see what it is all about.

    The legendary small Package with big sound

    Small scratch on the casing... I don't think it will pass ISO9001 anytime soon

    Let's get naked

    Burr Brown PCM1794...needless to say this is the good stuff

    After firing up Bloat and hooking it up to my old YAMAHA DSP-1000. I am happy to report it worked fine so far. Further testing is needed in term of sound quality improvement.

    My motherboard, CPU, RAM, worked fine too. It's time to find the right solid-state drive for it. I am thinking of the new Intel X25-M 80GB SSD. We will see, for now I will just use an old 120GB HD I have laying around. My ideal boot time is 11sec or under...

    I will also start dynamat work this weekend. 40+lbs of isolation material should help to keep some noises down ^^ hopefully~

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    Removing the door

    Ok, lets remove the front driver side door panel... hopefully nothing breaks

    last time the panel stays in one piece

    Ok here is the starting point, there is no going back

    Remove the four screws here

    Two more screws underneath here

    Last one at the bottom of the door panel

    Ta da!

    speaker removed

    Oh crap, it's pretty dirty inside and sucks for me because I don't have any cleaning agent on hand before dynamat extreme is to be installed.

    To be continued...

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    SR6500 6 3/4 inch Speaker

    Got to work on the project a bit today. According to Crutchfield and other online vendors, SR6500 does not fit B6 Audi A4.

    Here is the information about the speaker

    Well, I bought a pair against their recommendation and set out to modify the factory fitting to make this work (going for OEM look). Anyway, we will let the pictures do the talk.

    Cut off the paper speaker cone

    Proceed to cut off the supporting points indicated in blue

    Here is the result

    Next, the tweeters....

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    In continuation of the OEM look, things will stay behind the factory tweeter grill so no hint of modified speakers are given out.

    Factory housing

    Audi OEM tweeter removed

    SR6500 tweeter prior to installation

    Test fit and to my surprise, a direct fit! I added a double side tape to secure it further..and finito ^^

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    Hi wasabi_rice, greetz from Barcelona, Spain! Very interesting what you have done so far, specially for A4 B7 owners!

    Any progress with your install? Any pictures of the acoustic insulation?
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