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Thread: 1998 Nissan Sentra GXE Carputer

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    1998 Nissan Sentra GXE Carputer

    So a friend and I were talking one day about car stereo, I told him I was going to install a computer in my new Subaru. He kinda got a chuckle and said yeah right what ever. So I took him to my desk and started showing him around the site and what all can be done with a carputer...... He was hooked. Within an hour we had ordered his entire system. The list is as follows:

    Monitor - New 2008 Lilliput 629
    Double DIN bolt in kit

    Motherboard - Intel D945GCLF
    Power Supply - M2-ATX
    GPS - BU-353
    Enclosure - VoomPC-2
    DVD Drive - Panasonic Slot Load CW-8124

    OS - Windows XP sp 3
    Road Runner - DFX4 Skin

    So here is a picture with us getting ready to test PC:

    And Here is an image of the working PC:

    Well after getting everthing up and running we tore the enclosure down and we were going to get ready to install in the car. Then I told my friend about some people on here were able to mount there Motherboard and everything in the double DIN housing for the Monitor. So now he wants to do this instead of the Voom PC 2 case. So here are a few Pics of our setup so far:

    Fabricating the bracket for the Power Supply:

    Soldering the connections for the Monitor Power:

    Back of the housing:

    Top of the Housing:


    We have tested in the car and everything works so far. We found out that the output voltage from the Motherboard was only around .75 volts. This is not nearly enough to get any decent sound or volume unless we turned the gains up on his amplifier, then it started to distort. So we are going to install a line driver. If we are not happy with that we are going to try a USB sound card.

    My friend is going to visit family for Thanksgiving and we will not be doing any work again until after Thanksgiving.

    Things to do:
    1. Mount DVD drive where cup holder used to be in the dash.
    2. Install a Audio Control Matrix Line Driver to boost the signal from PC.
    3. Install the final enclosure in the dash.


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    Great start to this one, Dan. A couple of questions:

    (1) Did you make your own double-DIN case, or did you buy it?

    (2) This is your friend's system, from the sound of things. What's your system?
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    1. The housing is the same double din you can buy on here(vehicle specific for WRX). It fits in his dash quite nicely.

    2. I don't have anything yet. He has a little more spendable cash then I do. But hopefully I can do something similar in my WRX when I get the money to do it.


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