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Thread: Ford Mondeo -96 Laptop-Touchscreen-GPS-BT-TV-Etc...

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    Ford Mondeo -96 Laptop-Touchscreen-GPS-BT-TV-Etc...

    Fairly said i've done some custom modification to my car for some time now. I ride this classic Mondeo and I really enjoy driving it around. Now that I have had some time to work with my CarPC system its finally starting to look like something serious. Thats why i decided to make the worklog for it.

    Im trying to achieve the following with my system.

    • Ease of use
    • Fair speed for light working
    • All Around System
    • Somewhat nice looking install
    • Bug free enviroment (Hard one)

    So far there is currently these major/minor problems

    • TV doesnt get good enough signal -> Better antenna (easy)
    • Fabrication for keyboard that is installed above driver
    • Laptop needs to be properly attached at the trunk. Need to make a place for it.
    • Some minor software errors...
    • Make place for camera at trunks keyhole (useless keyhole) and upgrade to better camera. Current one was laying around.

    Current gear with this install (Coming soon)

    Installing the systems and doing some wiring

    General photos of interior

    Early picture of screen installed inside dash.

    Picture of some modding for my inverter.

    Picture of my car

    Camera and that lousy antenna that came with the TC tuner...

    Picture of newest installation inside dash. I moved the headunit there. This is what i mean with ease of use

    I will be adding later on all the information about my hardware!

    Thanks all for watching this far, please drop me a post and comment!

    Also i would myself ask that what kind of TV antennas people are using inside their cars? I need to buy one soon.

    Will be updating this soon.

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    Hi mate, that looks like a nice install... how is it going now? Oh, and I'm looking for a digital tv antenna that works too, but its seems like a lost cause. I've read that the car's shell severely limits the reception, so perhaps an external antenna would work? Or go to analogue?

    I've just got the nav working in mine. The install was finished in December, except for a button to turn it on (at the mo I'm turning it on in the boot, then leaving it on standby (wake on usb) for the day while I'm in and out, and then hibernating overnight - works well, and has been for weeks like that). I've used destinator 7 with a gps receiver.

    I came across your thread cos I was looking around to see if its possible to use the gps receiver to access satellite TV... yes probably a lost cause but worth a look!

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    M4-ATX is coming in, laptop is out, inverter is out... New wires and configs. Updating in couple of weeks after the goods are here.

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