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Thread: My '97 Concorde Setup

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    My '97 Concorde Setup

    This will be in my 1997 Chrysler Concorde - my primary driving vehicle. I want to sharpen my teeth with the carputer on something that isn’t very expensive or involved to begin with.

    My eventual goal is a nice motorized touchscreen, dedicated carputer, two monitors (one in front and one in back), rearview cam and a dashcam with GPS overlay setup DVR style.

    I have an extra Dell Inspiron laptop that is collecting dust. It’s a simple machine really, currently only has a 30GB hard drive, 1.4GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, WiFi, and DVD burner; but it's enough to do what I need at this point. Yes, I am stealing the idea from easy.

    My current Pioneer aftermarket deck has auxiliary ports built into it. I am going to grab a small mount off and a cheap 7” Lilliput LCD to start with. I already have a GPS mouse ran from the

    hood into the glove box. I’ll install WindowsXP, Streets & Trips, RoadRunner on the laptop and have a real basic carputer setup.

    Tonight I pulled the laptop out, found the power cord, threw it on the bench and started a fresh install of Windows. Just watching for a deal on the LCD.

    My plan for the entire project has a few steps, but I'm starting with Step 1 to get me going.

    Step 1:
    --> Dell Inspiron 600m laptop setup as workhorse for the Carputer (Already Have $0)
    --> Lilliput 7” LCD (eBay $175)
    --> Bracket mount for LCD ($38)
    --> Stereo Mini between laptop and aux on Pioneer deck (~$10)
    --> GPS USB run to laptop. (Already have $0)
    --> Power invertor to run it all . (Already have $0)
    Total Cost: ~$225

    Down the road I'll get a little more advanced, both when time allows and temperature allows. I live in the midwest and today it was a nice hot 5F.

    Step 2:
    --> Change Lilliput 7” LCD for a motorized single din solution (XENARC MDT-X7000 is in mind).
    --> Purchase parts for “official” carputer (Intel Atom, 250GB laptop drive, M4-ATX, 1GB RAM, WiFi)
    --> Dedicated cables for power, audio, and other controls.
    --> Fabricate custom plexi case.
    --> Tint windows for LCDs

    Step 3:
    --> Mount Lilliput 7” LCD in back seat.
    --> Upgrade GPS Mouse
    --> OBD-II Scanner

    Step 4:
    --> Rearview cam
    --> Dashcam w/ GPS Overlay & archive
    --> Upgrade to better Carputer PSU (Opus 320)

    Update 1/20/2009: I've got RoadRunner and all latest patches installed. Tomorrow I'm getting a new battery, cables, and clamps installed due to old and failing parts. I'll also place the order for the mount. I'm going to retest the GPS as it has been a year since I've used it. I may have to order a new one.

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    Not a bad setup. Good to see you're putting your budgeting skills to use. How's the system coming along?

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    Tested the GPS and it worked without issue.
    Ordered the mount Wednesday and it hasn't gotten here yet so I'm waiting on it. I'll pry order the LCD in another week or so.

    I'm trying to come up with a good solution on where to keep my laptop/power it on. If I store it in the trunk I need a good way to turn it on remotely.

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    This was version 1, or the alpha, or however you want to look at it. But I'm closing this type setup for a more integrated setup.

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