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Thread: 2008 - Infiniti G35 x project

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    2008 - Infiniti G35 x project

    INFINITI G35 X 08

    System Specifications:

    Monitor: Lilliput GL629-70NP/C/
    Motherboard: ZOTAC nForce 610i-ITX
    Processor: Intel Pentium Dual-Core 1.80GHz/1Mb/800MHz
    Cooler: TITAN TTC-NK45TZ
    Memory: 1Gb DDR-2
    Hard Drive: WD 2.5" 320Gb Sata II
    Power Supply: М2-IТХ
    USB Ports: 6 built-in USB ports
    GPS receiver: BU-353

    OS: Windows XP Home
    Front End: Centrafuse 2.0

    Car Audio:
    Head Unit: stock Bose

    Mounting monitor in overhead console

    Carputer fits great in stock cupholders:

    Power supply mounting:

    Finished view:
    . .
    And from the back seats:

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    Swapped stock monitor and Lilliput.

    Connected stock rear view camera to AV2. All functions of camera are saved.

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    Dude, you made an awesome dual monitor system!!! I am in the process of buying my G37 coupe and I was already looking at how I should mount my old carputer into it (hence why I am searching older threads).

    The dual monitor thing had crossed my mind, but after seeing your setup, I'm impressed and can't wait to do the same. But first, I must take care of some other mods...

    but Kudos for your clean setup!!!!!!!
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    Win 7, RR, Garmin, DashCmd

    Morel Elate 9 3way & IDQ10 ported (active 4-way),
    JL Audio HD Amps, Audison BitOne.1

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