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Thread: zilla's 1995 Accord (Aus represent!)

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    Haha! I'd love to see that happening ... wait I can enact it now:

    zillacles: Hey, check out my car PC .. it's got everything: DVD, hard drive full of MP3s, GPS, Internet access, weather, Bluetooth, wifi, OBD ...

    Passenger: Wow! That's awesome ... *fiddles with touchscreen* wait, how do I turn the radio on?

    zillacles: err .. yeah, about that ..

    Passenger: You DID say it has everything, right??

    zillacles: .. well, you can't demand the radio be put on ..

    *passenger jumps out of car whilst in motion*

    ... :P

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    Haha that actually gives me an idea. Replace the radio screen with some sort of puzzle/etc and tell them once they solve it then the radio will come on. Of course it will only lead to nothing :P

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