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Thread: 2009 HHR LS panel conversion

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    Sadly this vehicle has turned into a lemon, of which I am seeking a buy back from GM.

    for the past 4-6 months, I have been fighting a "Service Air Bag" light that keeps popping up on the DIC. Several components relating to the passenger side air bag have been replaced which result in being "OK" for a while, then again the message is displayed. Each time this happens, a new error code is read leading to a different problem each time. First it was this, then it's that, then it's something else, and then it was a light I was plugging in to light up my ash cup, now who knows what is wrong with it.

    I took the vehicle back to the dealership, told them that I don't even want the vehicle back anymore, that I don't feel safe driving it and my girlfriend refuses to drive in it with me. I contacted GM saying that the only remedy that, at this point, I am willing to settle with is a complete buy back and refund of monies that I have paid.

    Since the severety of the malfunction, anything other than complete compliance is going to result in some form of legal action against GM/Chevy. With the ever increasing complexity of GM vehicles, ONSTAR, and being completely surrounded by air bags, having something go faulty with safety systems is 100% unacceptable by any standards.

    I'm writing this not only to say that this project is dead, but also to inform anyone that purchases a "new" vehicle and has repeated problems with the same issue, that you have rights, but have none if you are not willing to demand satisfaction (wow that sounded lame).

    At any course, just because you use 3rd party equipment, does not automaticly void your warrenty, NOR should any 3rd party "plug-in" be able to circumvent safety devices if used properly. I say this as I could, on command, cause the passenger side air bag system to malfunction with the use of a 12V accessory plasma ball light (with multi-colored changing LED) (do a search for #IP-139PL on that page). The dealership's service manager informed me that 3rd party equipment and devices may interfere with the vehicles electrical systems. I say that such interferrance should be shielded from simple RF noise. On my way to the dealership "the last time", I drove next to a semi with very large CB antenas and the air bag light came on shortly. Then a few miles later, I'm sitting at a red light and a motorcycle rides up next to me and the damn light came on again.

    Unacceptable! .

    So, if anyone out there is having problems with repeat issues pertaining to a new vehicle, here are some resources for you:

    Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act:

    Federal Trade Commission:
    FTC (lots of results listed):

    FTC specificly on automotive lemons:

    Action taken against TigerDirect (just in case):

    My appologies, but people if you do not stand up for your rights, you have none. Just because you add after market components, customize your vehicles to suit your own personal needs, or just like doing something different does not entitle anyone "fair is fair" treatment, nor does it command that you accept 'poorly' assembled products!

    RIP '09 HHR LS

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    That sucks. I hope you get everything resolved with GM. Tell them to stick the $1 stock where it belongs.
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    Good luck Dean! I hope you get what you want.

    Glad to see you digging your feet in and fighting.

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    Mna the sucks about the new car but safety is no accident (didn't want you to feel lreft out with the only lame phrase). anyway

    you know you want to click it
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    having problem w/ a brand new car is sucks
    however I have to say - what a beautiful car!!! here GM sells only those little crappy pieces of plastic with some metal impurities, ex-daewoo you know
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    well for anyones info--- I WON..!!!!!!!!!!

    GM repurchased the vehicle outright! They came at me with some rediculous offers at first, like oil changes and tire rotations, then they came at me with trying to pay the next 2 car payments, then after a while all was silent, then they came at me with a straight trade in with a like or similar vehicle in terms of MSRP regaurdless of how much i currently owed, i greatly pondered this offer and decided to opt to "think" about it over the weekend, come monday (2 days before arbitration with the BBB) they called and i kindly informed them that i was going to keep with my original plan of action which was to opt for GM to repurchase the vehicle through arbitration. the very next day they called me and said that they would repurchase the vehicle...10 days later i delivered it to the dealer that i bought it from and it is no longer. GM informed me that they will be dismantleing the vehicle for parts. Ill be checking in on this through tracking the vin #.

    but in the end a good planted disposition and argument with what you beleive and a good strong backbone won the battle

    I have the dashpad (pictured above) for $120 and also the doors (also pictured above with hinges-not necessary tho) for $750 the pair -- these are really only good for someone looking to customize an already "Panel" HHR or someone that has the AA5 (half panel) option (the very top pic is the AA5 option) looking to make a panel vehicle out of a half panel

    I might also be willing to let go the screen and pc but i think ill hold onto it for a while unless someone is willing to buy it for 800

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