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Thread: Hyundai Santa Fe (New Shape) 2.7 V6 CDX

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    Hyundai Santa Fe (New Shape) 2.7 V6 CDX

    The car:

    The old dash:

    The car has a premium sound option, including 6 speakers, sub and amp. I used a harness adapter and a USB sound card. Still not entirely happy with the sound as amp takes balanced input and my current sound card doesnt provide.
    For screen, gps and radio used the double din kit, made by Terran:

    Also used HP NC4200 laptop with 2 Ghz Pentium M, 2 GB RAM and 80 GB HDD.
    Power is provided by Carnetix CNX-P1900, modded docking station used for switching on and off automatically.
    Here are some pics:

    I still struggle with some engine noise, possibly due to all cables coming from the factory radio harness and not from the battery. Also have some issues with screen coming up half way to left from time to time and gps and audio missing after hibernation. I am open to any suggestions and happy to answer any questions

    Thank you.

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    Just received this:

    to upgrade my audio source. Lets see how it goes with the install tomorrow.

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