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Thread: BMW E39 Touring - usb cable from inside to hood - what about my solution - concerns

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    BMW E39 Touring - usb cable from inside to hood - what about my solution - concerns

    Finally i got on these forum my own was from long ago planned but just now it was started!! finally !!!

    Well to start with my car, a Touring from 5 series BMW E39

    PC specs:

    Celeron P4 478
    HDD some Gbs on plan....for now 80 gbs...cause my other hdd went faulty...
    USBs ports a lot....
    1 GB RAM
    VGA and sound on board
    M4 powersupply with 250 W which i dont know how it works well....i mean i had some trouble when using it after installation....
    TFT Touchscreen from Navilock 7" which will be where was the Radio Business from BMW....

    From now onw i will upgrade and updating my info....

    My upgrades are planned to be done slowly as my $$$ is not unlimited....
    so it will have all it has right to.....

    - need to buy an external GPS antenna with USB
    - Internet
    - Wifi
    - Rear and front view cameras and who knows some more cameras under the car too!! Yeah i plan more than the 2 usual cameras......
    - USB webcams for surveillance and much more...
    - some USB hubs and button controls i will have to do....
    - some kind of I-Drive on my car too....will have to study these one....

    For now its a small specs PC cause its just for starting my project which i guess will never end...

    Finally i went to install.....and here are some photos....

    well here i leave some photos from my installation and for now the carpc is on 1st chapter, cause i must solve some problems here like:

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    Well guys i am on a journey through my carpc installation doing this stuff slowly but wel done!

    I put a usb cable from touring inside (on the copilot side, left side for who is in front of the engine...i mean..) to hood where engine is, so my question is: is these well done or not ? I used a grey tape to temperature insulation

    I used an insulation tape for temperature, like the one you can see on photos:

    My concern is with temperatures since these USB cable can stand some temperature near 75 celsius degres by itself and also has got these grey insulation tape

    These last picture its where i left the usb cable for further install
    I am planning to get the usb cable on the front bumper to install a view camera for parking aid and need to put the cable maybe near the radiator but since it has higher temperatures what can i do ?

    can you give me some advice on these installation ? Shall i use another kind of insulation or what since i plan to use maybe a hub for more than one camera, for example.

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