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Thread: 2001 Mustang Convertible -- Second Attempt

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    Ok so here's the bezel, part 1. All I did so far was cut the HVAC section out (I'm relocating it to the bottom of the bezel) and cut the top of the radio area. I then sanded down all the edges (so epoxy would stick and the pieces would be snug) and taped the bar from the radio area to the top of the bezel opening. I put in a ton of epoxy and currently I'm letting it cure. There will be more pictures probably tomorrow when I get around to the next part which is fitting the screen. I may need more ABS though to play around with.

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    Wow, sweet thread. Looking forward to more updates. Looks like you've been doing a great job tho!

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    So I decided to try and fiberglass some subwoofer enclosures. Here's what I've accomplished through the help of this forum only!

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    I'm looking foward to install a carputer on my 1995 Mustang.
    How are you going to relocate the HVAC controls? I'm planning in installing a 7" screen just bellow the vents and the HVAC controls bellow the screen.

    I guess we can help each other, i've got some experience in lots of stuff...

    Greetings from Brazil.

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