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Thread: 2001 Mustang Convertible -- Second Attempt

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    2001 Mustang Convertible -- Second Attempt

    Some of you might remember my other thread, most of you probably wont.

    The first system sucked really badly, my screen cracked before I could paint the bezel, all the mounting was horrible, the amplifier started clipping WAY too low, the screen was impossible to see in the convertible, and the speakers were too big.

    Ive learned plenty from my mistakes and I'm doing it right this time. Here's the new system:

    - KnuKoncepts 1/0 Gauge Wiring and Fused Distribution Blocks
    - EFX Digital Fuse Block
    - MTX Audio 800w RMS MonoBlock Subwoofer Amplifier (MXA8001)
    - Kenwood 400w RMS 4-channel Speaker Amplifier (KAC-X5424)
    - 4 5x7/6x8 Infinity Kappa 100w RMS Speakers (682.9cf)
    - 2 12" Kicker 400w RMS Subwoofers (CVR-12 2)
    - MicroATX system (2.2ghz, 1Gb RAM, onboard 6-channel sound/video)
    Need to get:
    - Transflective 8.4" Touchscreen (any suggestions? way too expensive)
    Rather than a 60 dollar amp and some knock-off speakers, I'm doing everything the right way. Im currently running the thick-*** wire through the car and building an amplifier/computer rack for the trunk (which is SO small).

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    There is no match to the MP3Car Transflective screen. They are the only ones that optically bond everything, which is hella-expensive, hence the cost.

    Just search around for some transflective threads and you will see that people that bought other versions are not so happy or say something to the tune of "it works but not as well as I thought". Whereas if you look at the ones with the mp3car screen the only way you cant see it is if the giant fire ball is reflecting directly off of the screen and even then you can make stuff out, it isnt a blinding mirror.
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    Well I already know that Im going to have to spend $800 on a screen so I've got a lot of time to figure out which one to get. I promised myself that I would spend my money this summer paying off my first year of university and preparing for the second. It's hard though with a hobby.

    I just looked at the store and they don't have anything listed under "Sunlight readable". As of now, Im debating whether I should get an 8.4" touchscreen and use up my whole dash (like in the pictures in the old thread) or if I should get a 7" screen (ugh) and fit my DVD drive in there and put volume buttons and knobs beside the screen so it looks like a factory setup. I like the FEEL of additional buttons and volume knobs.

    I figure Ill get a small screen and then write my software to take advantage of the buttons beside the screen (think like an ATM where you press buttons beside the screen to select something).


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    Ive decided to get a 7" transflective screen from MP3Car within the next month or two (need a few paycheques first).

    7-port powered USB hubs
    IDE to USB converter
    Rotary Encoders
    Need to get:
    7" MP3Car Transflective LCD
    Custom PCB for HID Buttons / Garage Opener / HD Radio Cable
    Ive decided the new layout of my wires and USB devices too:

    Drivers side:
    - Main Power Cable
    Under Back Seats
    - Distribution Block
    - Bass Adjust
    - USB to Hub(7-port)
       1 - Touchscreen
       2 - HID Buttons (to Adjust Screen) + Volume Encoder + Garage Opener
       3 - OBD Connector
       4 - HD Radio
       5 - CD/DVD Slim Drive
       6 - Spare Port (for USB Keys) 
       7 - Spare Port (for USB Keys)
    - Power to Dashboard (Molex Connector)
    - VGA
    - Remote Turn On 1 (Speakers)
    - Remote Turn On 2 (Subwoofers)
    - Remote Turn On 3 (Computer)
    - Remote Turn On 4 (Trunk Lighting)
    Passengers side:
    - Audio

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    VGA Extension Cord (10 feet)
    Female USB Ports - Panel Mount
    Female 3.5mm Line In - Panel Mount
    I have most of the stuff for the front panel now. Well see what happens. Work is now 6AM - 4:45PM so I lose all of the day to work on the car. I figure I'll keep it together and mockup the trunk with cardboard and whatnot. Once I get all my wires in the mail that I want to run, I'll pull them all through at the same time. I should also have a working camera by then.

    Couple paycheques after that and Ill pay off some debt and get the screen. God, that won't be until the end of June now! I'll have to get the amp rack done in the meantime I guess.

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    Another shopping spree, now I just have to wait for all the stupid packages to get sent in from Hong Kong. In about 2 weeks I should have all I need to get the computer installed and powered.

    I made the first couple cuts today for my amplifier rack design. I've also got my subwoofer rings cut out. Some time this week I'll design the rest of it.

    I received all the wire I need for the audio system. The problem is that once I run the speaker wire, I'm going to want to put in the speakers, and I can't use the new speakers with the old head-unit. Therefore, wire runs for the speakers will be the very last step.

    Ive decided to put each amplifier and the computer on shelves in the trunk. Behind a fold-up (pneumatic hopefully) panel with etched plexiglass and blah blah. Its all just an idea right now but Im slowly making it work. The amplifier rack should be done by the end of the month, but again, with WORK every weekday, it's going to be hard. Oh well.

    Pictures will come soon.

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    I've got a few panels of the amplifier rack complete but I need to take pictures and finish the design some time tomorrow morning. I'll update soon to keep track.

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    Don't you love waiting on parts to arrive?? I'm looking forward to this project! Hopefully you get those pictures uploaded soon!

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    Okay so ALL my parts have arrived! I haven't bought a screen yet, but everything else is sitting in my garage! This weekend it looks like I'll be running the wires from the back to the front, including:

    4 runs of speaker wire (12 awg)
    1 run for bass adjust
    1 run for "line in"
    2 runs of USB cords (shielded)
    - installing a USB hub on one and an iPod cable on the other
    1 run for molex power extension (72" sleeved, wow)
    - powers screen and USB hub (couple hacks here and there)
    1 run for VGA (hope to god the cable is good, looks shielded nicely)
    - PS by "looks shielded" I dont mean fancy, I mean quality wise.
    5 runs of remote turn on (ill probably include a ton more... 10 total)

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    You're running 5 remote turn ons from the front to the back? Are all the things on these turn ons getting turned on at the same time? Unless they all need to be controlled individually, one remote wire and a relay will work for that.

    Even without a relay, it will still probably work depending on where the power is coming from. In my car, I have 1 remote turn on wire which is connecting to 3 amps. The head unit is turning them all on through it just fine.
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