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Thread: 2000 Buick Century Install

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    2000 Buick Century Install

    Well I have had the beginning of my install in and functional for about 2 weeks so I figure it would be about time to post some info onto the boards, with the hope that someone may see it in the future and may assist them. (A minimal way to give back)

    HP e-pc 42
    Carnetix CNX-2140
    Off brand 12vDC to 18vDC thingy
    Lilliput 701 7" touchscreen
    Linksys WUSB54GC (USB wireless dongle thingy)
    Centrafuse NAV 2.1

    Screen install:
    First I had to relocate the radio and HVAC controls. The wires and vacuum lines were long enough on the HVAC unit to reach down that far without extension. The radio fit with the simple modification of a dash kit into the HVAC's old slot.

    In the future it will get some fiberglass to make it all clean again. I ran out of time during the few days I had with a garage.

    Dash trim piece comparison shot

    I modified the width of the hole slightly and then mounted the front of the Lilliput case to the back of the dash trim piece. (I purchased a second case, so I still have the original if I would want to sell the monitor down the road)


    No modification was necessary to fit the screen (case installed) into the dash.

    Computer Part of install:
    Proof of concept stage

    Where the computer is installed:

    By using cardboard I was able to get a good template for a piece of 3/4" MDF that is secured to interior pieces of metal. (No metal with the opposite surface exposed to outside was drilled into)

    By bending 2 big L brackets and then lining them with foam, they made great supports for the computer.

    Some metal strap, thick foam and 2 wood screws holds the top of the computer securely against the foam that is on the other side of the computer.

    Mini rat nest of wires that I have not had a chance to finish cleaning up yet. Both power supplies are mounted to the board with the intention of mounting the board to the side of the trunk at some point.

    To Come
    Nav receiver
    USB hub for front of vehicle
    I/O board for expansion of stuff

    Comments/suggestions/constructive criticism/advice welcome!!

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    I have a 2003 Buick Century and I plan on doing the same thing. Nice work! I cant wait to see what it looks like when you get it all done.

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    you should look into a combo keyboard they are real check on ebay. that way the mouse and keyboard are on one pad and easy to work with... that ps2 keyboard and mouse is old school

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    any chance you got the steering wheel mounted controls to hook up to the new stereo? I've got a 99, planning on doing the same mod, but I'm really bummed about losing steering wheel controls for the radio

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