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Thread: ElectraVan! 100% Electric Powered Van w/ Car Computer

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    Looks like lots of progress. Do you have any shots of the batteries, electrical systems, motors or regenerative braking?

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    This is an interesting discussion. thank you for sharing

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    I started the electravan project nearly a year ago and had been busy with too many other things, so the project languished. When I began working on it again this autumn, I discovered that for various reasons, the van's transmission would not work for an EV application (It's a long story...).

    So I made two choices. We'll see how they work out:

    The first was to replace the host vehicle with something that's more practical and more fun than a midget Japanese delivery van: My favorite car that I've ever owned was a 1988 RX-7 Convertible. I regret the day I sold it. So I did a little shopping and found another '88 vert. with a bad engine (PERFECT for an Electric Vehicle Conversion!!!)

    I bought the car and when I was towing it home, I swung by the home of one of my best friends, Ron, who is an out-of-work machinist. He's actually a mechanical savant - if he can imagine it, he can build it and make it work. He's also an RX-7 enthusiast, having bought one of the very first series-1 RX-7s sold in the US. I had earlier tried to get him interested in an EV conversion, but he wasn't too enthusiastic about it. But, as I had hoped would happen, when he saw the car on the trailer, and had time on his hands, he immediately jumped in and started working on it. So the project has advanced a lot in the past several weeks.

    I've started a new weblog for the EX-7 here:

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    Hi great job and great idea . Any photos from your work completed ?

    I have the same car left hand drive in Greece and I'begginig restoration...Did you find any parts for body such as lamps , grille radiotor etc ?

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