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Thread: 94 Accord Wagon CarPC Worklog *updated April 12*

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    Nice work, but I'm confused about what the three holes to the right of the monitor will be for?

    And you should rename this thread from a "worklog" to a "picturelog"

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    picture-log indeed... I may in the future just provide links as this page takes forever to load :S

    I have completed a lot of work since I last posted pictures, I am currently working on wiring up stuff and finely sanding my center console to be perfect (I'm rather OCD when it comes to perfection... in my car at least)

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    any updates on this build?

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    the build was finished last year but I didnt get a chance to snap pictures of the completed project...

    I will be revamping it as the laptop i used died over the winter probably due to the cold :S

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