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Thread: 2003 Toyota Sienna Van

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    2003 Toyota Sienna Van

    Hello everyone,

    I have been following for last 3 years. Have learned a lot over the years about installing CarPCs. Recently I decided to take the leap of faith and start my own project. So this is my first post describing my plans and I do have a question at the end. I am always open to criticism so don't hold back

    Current devices:
    • Toyota Sienna 2003 CE, 2 DIN OEM stereo which is located in the lower part of console
    • Garmin StreetPilot 580
    • Wireless rearview camera with 3.5” monitor (from Costco)
    • 12 inch overhead LCD/DVD combo for back seat passengers (DVD is starting to go south slowly). It has RCA connectors for AV-in
    • Handheld DVD Player with 8” LCD for back seat entertainment
    • Backup camera with RCA connector, 12V (not in use at this time)

    The Plan:
    - Control and manage all devices/functions from one central PC
    - “Most bang for the buck” – Implement as much as I can without breaking the bank
    - I want to keep the OEM look, so modifications or fabrication will be very limited
    - Planning to sell the van next year so the setup must be easy to remove when it is time to part with the van
    - Laptop and other devices will be housed in a console box located between the front seats.

    Proposed Setup:
    - Main PC: Toshiba Satellite S305 (circa 2003), P4 2.4 GHz Intel CPU, 1GB RAM, 100 GB 7200 RPM IDE Hard Drive, Linksys Wireless-G NIC, 100MB Wired NIC, DVD ROM, 3 USB Ports, 1394 port, one DB9 serial port, one VGA port, Windows XP Pro SP2
    - External storage: 160GB laptop drive
    - Frontend: Centrafuse or RR
    - Plugins: Gas Prices, Traffic Cameras, Bluetooth setup to display email messages on main LCD (possible?)
    - Main LCD: Toyota Multi vehicle - Metra 95-8202 kit with Lilliput LCD from ByByte or Xenarc 702TSV. Not sure which one will fit in the opening.
    - Backseat Entertainment: Use the current 12 inch overhead monitor for back seat entertainment.
    Split video (2nd VGA card ?) and play movies on the overhead monitor while keep other functions on the main PC
    Install WD TV with a 60GB HD and keep backseat entertainment completely independent of the CarPC
    Install Popcorn Hour A-110 Network Media Tank, with WN-100 wireless card, play movies stored on laptop’s HD
    - GPS Hardware: BU-353 Weather-proof GPS Receiver connected to the Frontend Navigation software thru GpsGate
    - GPS Device Sharing: GpsGate to share one GPS antenna with multiple GPS enabled applications (Navigation, trip logging, Google Earth etc.)
    - Audio: Laptop’s built in RCA audio port connected to an amplifiers, using OEM speakers for audio
    - Radio: SILab USB FM Radio
    - DVD Player: External USB DVD
    - Internet: BB Tethering, Rogers Rocket Stick or Bell Turbo Stick
    - Wireless Sharing: Linksys WRT54GC compact wireless router, Internet Connection Sharing on main pc
    - USB Hub: DC Powered USB Hub from MP3Car Store or 7 port D-Link DUB-H7 USB Hub from Tiger Direct
    - Backup Camera: Use a camera with RCA Video connector
    - Power Supply: CarNetix CNX-P2140 using car battery as power source. Might add second battery with isolator switch later on.
    - Power Adapter for laptop: Universal DC Power Adapter for laptops that will be controlled by P2140
    - Power Control Switch: Main switch to shutdown the entire CarPC setup for maintenance purposes. Also separate switches for overhead LCD and backup camera.
    - Sound Proofing: Might decide to soundproof the floor and firewall area of the van at a later stage. Depending on $$ left in pocket

    Must have features/hardware:
    - Main PC
    - Touchscreen 7" LCD
    - GPS
    - Backup Camera
    - FM Radio

    Nice to have features:
    - GPS Sharing
    - Backseat entertainment setup
    - Internet and Wireless network setup
    - Second battery

    The Double DIN opening in Sienna is in the lower part of the dash. When I sit in the seat it is at knee height (see pictures, not my van). At this height do I really need an expensive (transreflective or Xenarc 702) LCD or will a Lilliput 701 in a frame from would do?
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    Ordered the following items this morning
    - Bluetooth USB 2.0 Micro Adapter Dongle, US$10
    - Lilliput Eby701-np/c/t, US$200
    - ElmScan 5 OBD-2 Scan Tool, US$130

    Will post pictures as soon as I get them

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    Pictures of current setup

    Here are pictures of my current setup

    Double DIN Stereo. Power switch (circled in red) is for the overhead DVD/LCD and the rear view camera.

    Stereo without the bezel, which is held by clips and comes off by pulling it forward.

    Side view of stereo. HVAC controls create a 3-4 cm overhang. Protects the stereo from direct sun light.

    Wireless rear view camera and LCD (bought from Costco). LCD is 3.5 inches, has AV and USB connectors. Being it wireless, not sure if I will be able to use it with my new setup.

    Roof mounted DVD/LCD for rear seat passengers. LCD is approx 13 inch and has RCA AV input connectors. Planning to use it for playing kids movies.

    Volt meter to monitor battery condition (voltage ranges between 10.3 to 14.5 V), not EXACTLY 12V

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    Sorry this is apparently late, but I've noticed that while having a transreflective is nice, it's not really necessary since you're obviously not going to be spending the majority of your driving time looking at the screen.

    Transreflective is nice when you've got a dash-mounted screen which lets you read out a lot of information (like speed, rpm, etc...).

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    Thanks LordKaT. I understand what you are saying. Keeping that and my budget in mind I have modified my plans a bit.

    Here is what I ordered and received last week. Ordering and receiving all items in Canada has been an experience and deserves a separate post, which is coming soon

    - Lilliput EBY701-NP/C/T (2009 model with LED backlight) from
    - Elm5 OBDII (serial) from
    - GPS puck
    - P2140 power supply from store
    - Centrafuse (eval version)
    - iGO8 for PC ver 8.3.x.x (with US and Canadian maps, poi and buildings). I have installed TTS_LOQ files and now Susan (the GPS Lady) speaks street names, "In 300 meters turn left on Main Street" No integration in CF yet.

    I have been working on setting things up for last week or so. All parts are hooked to the Toshiba laptop and working. However Toshiba laptop is not working the way I was hoping. It only has 3 USB ports and I would like 4-5 on the motherboard. USB hub is an option but I am thinking about buying another used laptop from ebay with more USB ports. I have few auctions in my watch list. Some of the old Dell D-series laptops have VGA, DVI and S-Video outputs and any two of them can be used at the same time. Great if you are looking for two outputs (one vga and one video). Hooked with the Dell docking station I could have 6 USB along with VGA, DVI and S-Video outputs.

    Things are starting to take shape. I am out this week and will try to post some pictures of my mockup by saturday or sunday.

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