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Thread: 2002 VW GTI MKIV - First Carputer!

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    Talking 2002 VW GTI MKIV - First Carputer!

    • Introduction
      • Ive been searching, researching, and exploring these forums and peoples projects in hope of one day building my own car pc. Now that day has come, i am embarking on this project.
      • I have a 2002 VW GTI MKIV, and i already have a sound system so hooking up the PC audio shouldn't be to difficult.

    • Going to install Rubber or Neoprene throughout to help with shock-resistance.

    • Plan of Attack
      • Step1: Mount and Wiring Carputer:
        1. Mount the EEE keyboard behind the screen in the dash/ or in the Glove compartment

      • Step2: LCD Mount:
        • Fab EEE Screen into extra console i have

      • Step3: Accesories and Switches:
        1. Wire GPS Reciever to outside of the car( or ontop of the Dash)
        2. (Maybe) Mount switch in blank key panel for manual Comp control.
        3. (Maybe) Construct Multimedia Controller(Play, Pause, Next, Back, and Volume) and mount in easy access position.

    Some Images:

    Rear View:



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    Just a head's up, I think I read somewhere in the description of that case in the mp3car store that it doesn't work with that mobo without low profile ram. I'm actuall thinking of pretty much the same build on my '06 jetta.

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