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Thread: 2003 Holden Vectra CDXI

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    new plan

    ok, so the plan has changed
    (i havent really done much on it in months, so ive had lots of time to think)

    as a true carputian im not happy with the aux in solution. so the headunit's gotta go. i think i will be able to connect to the steering wheel controls before they go to the CANBUS, and use a resistive interface thing like the ones in the mp3car store.

    i have bought a replacement stereo plate from ebay, and the plan is to cut it and mould in my old screen. as i have little experience in this area, could use some advice haha. whats the easiest way to do this? fibreglass? bondo? any help would be wonderful.
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    fiberglass has always been a good solution for me, with a little practice and alot of sanding, it can be done with perfection, just remember bondo is only good as a filler and to fix imperfections do not try to mold your whole screen bezel out of bondo alone, if you do make sure you cover it with fiberglass or another harder compound or you will end up with a cracked, broken piece of garbage.

    another way to do it would be to "weld" or melt the plastic pieces together then sand to a smooth surface adding plastic where it is needed to accomplish the smooth surface...

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