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Thread: BMW e81 1series 56k warned!

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    BMW e81 1series 56k warned!

    Well first say Hi to all, this is the carpc installation in my 2008 bmw e81 1series limited sport edition (3 door hatchback), in from Spain and excuseme for my english

    I want my instalation looks like OEM because of this I bought at an origial flap screen from the oem navi

    and I put into it a Hinolux 7" led touchsceren with a dimmer (it reduced the brightness of the screen when I conect the lights at night)


    to install this I had to cut the dashboard, fortunately BMW sells a stencil hat fix perfect to cut the dashboad,

    well, this is my carpc components

    Asus mini itx with 2 GB ram and Intel core 2 duo 1.6
    dvd rewritable
    HD Seagate 500 GB
    M4 atx 250W power supply
    SMC usb wireless 11.g adapter
    Hub 4 port usb self-feed located under the glove
    Space navigator of 3dconection for joystic with the rbd9 driver (like de bmw idrive) without integrate
    Usb bluetooth dongle
    Navilock usb gps antenna located in the gove (srifstar III)

    OBD2 elm327 usb (only works with centrafuse by now)

    USB video capture of 4 rca port. (working on it)

    120°high definition night vision rear view camera RCA (not installed jet)

    I used an old wine case made by wood for the pc case, painted in black, also a put a big fan at the top.


    front end: centrafuse 2.1 with the daylight/moonlight skins customiced for bmw
    Igo8 gps

    sygic 7
    and many software for obd2 that dosen't work.

    I want to buy an i-bus resler in the near future to use the stretching-wheel controls with the carpc and also decode the video entrance for using the original bmw screen that is transflexive

    then here's somo photos of the instalation just one explanation of the wiring , data cable left side and power cable in the ride side of the car :

    Acouple of vids:



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    Wicked...brave of you to cut up that new Bimmer, but well worth it!

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    I would love to hear more about the night vision camera that you got. Where you got it and how much it costs. Always looking for a new camera to put into my KITT conversion. If you could let me know I would greatly appreciate it. Car looks awesome. Nice job.

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    ebay very cheap 40$, the seller also sells a palm version that is smaller, It sell for free as a gift because of this you don't have to pay at customs it comes from China (don't worry It taked less than a week to Spain) is very very fast.

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    Looking good.
    Can't wait for more pics!

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    Will you be running the rear camera into the USB capture device?

    If so, is it possible to have it auto-switch to the rear camera when you put the car in reverse?

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    Quote Originally Posted by krolinx View Post
    I used an old wine case made by wood for the pc case, painted in black, also a put a big fun at the top.
    Wheres the fun?

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    thread moved to worklogs. Show off your project is for completed installations. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by SjLucky View Post
    Wheres the fun?
    the guy meant big fan... he already appologised for his english

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    Quote Originally Posted by SjLucky View Post
    Wheres the fun?
    All fun'd out by the fan. Fixed.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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