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Thread: XR-Lane's NF Ford Fairlane Build

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    Quote Originally Posted by XRLane View Post
    Thanks for you nice comments guys. Change of heart,

    lol i could not do that much then leave it!

    good luck with the new venture.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XRLane View Post
    Um, what do you mean by vaporizer? If you are refereeing to the converter then yes it still has a converter that converts the gas to vapor . there are a seccond set of injectors installed on the fuel injection manifold and the vapor is injected right into the manifold. the car still runs on petrol (gas in usa) but its there for starting purposes only.

    Its LPG vapor injection and many cars in Australia have it installed. About a third of all Australian cars are in fact duel fuel (gas and petrol).

    Most cars have a LPG filler behind the petrol filler door, next to where you fill your car with petrol (gas as you call it in the usa).

    80% of cars fitted with LPG in australia have the tanks in the boot (trunk in american) pushed up behind the back seat bolted to the floor.

    Ford Australia sell a Falcon that runs on LPG only its called Egas model, witch is what I am assuming you guys call propane.

    But yeah Im not sure now, buy what your saying with asking me how I will go about mounting the tank, Im under the impression that there is no duel fuel cars in USA?

    Because there are so many cars on gas (propane) here, there are tanks made to be installed in specific cars.


    Most are trucks (that are converted tank in bed) so no danger of the tank popping off and filling the "boot" with gas due to heat. You are correct not many cars or trucks for that matter here (USA) that I see converted to propane. If LPG is as common as you say then the tank you purchased is probably "boot ready" and you shouldn't have any problems. I am a service tech for a propane co. here and you would be shocked at the crap I see. I am only concerned with safety(your and others). It sounds as though you have all your ducks in a row.
    A vaporizer is a carb of sorts. I thought you were using direct injection. It's like fuel injection but, propane is is ran through a heater (heated by the radiator core) to prevent it from freezing up. The vaporizer take liquid and "vaporizes it then it goes to the intake to the cylinder. It to has a line from the radiator to keep it from freezing.
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