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Thread: 07/08 Ford F-350 disaster response vehicles

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    07/08 Ford F-350 disaster response vehicles

    This is a truck pc install destined for a fleet of 2007 and 2008 Ford F-350 diesel dually crew cab trucks to be used for disaster response vehicles as well as daily drivers for our team of Regional IT Security/Disaster Response consultants. We are a state government entity so do not qualify as commercial in many respects, just depends on the language in various EULA's but as I am not a designated PIO i cannot reveal which agency I am referrirng to. However I will maintain a worklog here minus any logos or other identifying information for our organization.

    The initial purchase list is as follows (+ a lot of tools I did not mention):

    M350 case

    Zotac ION N330 combo

    M4-ATX PSU

    64 GB SSD drive

    Corsair 4GB DDR2 800

    7 inch Transflective Display

    Install kit (bought 2 as not sure which is right fit)

    Double-DIN bolt in kit for touchscreen

    Centrafuse Front End

    CS50 USB Headset

    Andrea Electronic Superbeam Array Microphone

    HD radio cable

    Visteon HDZ3000 HD radio

    Holux GPSlim 236 GPS Receiver

    XM Direct 2 mini-tuner CNP2000UC

    XM mini-tuner USB adapter

    External antenna GPS/Cellular/Wifi

    Elmscan 5 USB tool OBD-II diagnostics

    5in1 card reader/usb/esata relicator

    Wireless Nightvision Reverse Camera (wired to reverse lights for power)

    Video conference webcam

    Front speakers Infinity 5x7

    Rear Speakers Infinity 5 1/4

    Sony 4 channel 50 watt amp

    8 gauge Amp wiring kit

    RCA to 1/8 Y jack

    1 RCA Plug to Dual RCA Jack

    RCA cable

    speaker wire (feet)

    wire connectors

    Fusion brain

    Temperature sensor (HVAC control)

    Accelerometer sensor

    10 pack of relays

    Wire extensions

    speaker harness

    Viper alarm/keyless entry

    We bought enough for 10 buildouts (fleet of 9 trucks + a box truck we use for cargo) and I am still waiting on the rest of the parts to come rolling in. I will take interior pictures as I start the project which will likely be in a couple weeks but am interested in peoples feedback in the meantime as to anything I may have overlooked and might address before my project start date. We will also be adding USB attached verizon air cards and satellite BGAN terminals (492 kbps up/down) that should function while in transit when cellular towers are down.

    Major objectives of the project are as follows:

    Radio over IP (we have the infrastructure in place now using CriticalRF)
    Voice over IP (we have the infrastructure in place now using Asterisk)
    Handsfree is very important and background noise elimination is a requirement as these are F-350 duallies.
    Video conferencing
    Physical Security (cameras and alarm)
    integration with mobile media kits
    integration with Polycom hardware
    Traffic data ( this is a piece I'm having a problem with as Clear Channel doesnt seem to want to support the TMC adaptor I wanted to use, only OEM solutions like Garmin. We do have Blackberry Storms with Vz Navigator so if I could get traffic updates from them and just tether that would be sufficient)
    Weather updates using XM weather
    HD and XM radio
    OBDII diagnostics for on the road real time updates of vcehicle conditions
    HQ tracking in real time for vehicle data. May need an addon software package to tie into GPS data.
    Media playback for mp3, mp4, etc and tie in to our MythTV server
    In truck radio interface to control and monitor equipment from touch screen

    HVAC controls

    Feel free to comment on this thread. I am sure I've forgotten something as I drafted the project plan months ago and am only now revisiting since the items are just now rolling in.

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    So how is the status of your project currently?

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    On hold currently. I left the employer for a new job and am awaiting contract negotiation to pick this (and a couple of other projects) back up as a part time contractor.

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