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Thread: CarPC for '06 Accord LX

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    CarPC for '06 Accord LX

    Hey there everyone! I'm getting started on a CarPC project to replace my stock single CD radio.
    I'm a EE, and haven't been doing much EE'ing so I thought I might be able to recreate the climate control circuts so that I can use most of the existing headunit as is.
    Take a look here: My Blog

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    We Need More Like This

    I like your ambition & that you are tackling what, as far as I can tell, has never been done. I am hoping to use your information to create my own (read: buy one off you) HVAC replacement so I can free up space to put important carputer parts in.

    *edit*It occurred to me that you drive an LX, Ceriand. This is troublesome for me as I have the Hybrid model which includes the dual climate control, among other differences. Alas, I won't be able to simply buy one of your modules...

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