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Thread: 2009 VW Tiguan Carputer Install

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    2009 VW Tiguan Carputer Install

    After find this site and a few others about 6 months ago I decided I would like to add this to my car. I will list the parts now and will add pictures over the weekend when install it. I am replacing a AVIC-f90bt pioneer radio which worked ok but did not do exactly what i wanted. also being that i have a HUGE sunroof the glare was horrible on the screen.

    Here is the parts i have gotten:

    Asus EEE PC 900 16gb hard drive with 2 gb ram running XP (windows 7 very soon)
    Pioneer GM-6400 amp
    Carnetix controller
    Sirius radio
    lillyput screen indash
    centrafuse front end
    Iguidance nav

    I am still trying to figure out a solution for USB ports and more storage space. i am going to hook up the amp using the 3.5mm plug and RCAs and going to use the on board sound card to run it.

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    so far i have mostly everything is installed. i had some issues wtih windows and and using nlite so i had to reinstall it. going to work on it more tonight and see how it goes. my big thing now is getting the EEE PC to shut down via the usb port. I did have everything pluged in and had sound and video so i know for the most part everything works. Even hooked up my screen to go into reverse cam when i put it in reverse. So far i have about 20 hours into the install and 75% there. I am going to get some pictures up tonight.

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    looks good, what kind of monitor is that?

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    lillyput transflective modded for double din frame from

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    Looks very clean. I've also got the same problem with the gaps on the sides of the screen. Just haven't had time to visit the plastic welder to make me a frame!

    Where did you mount your GPS receiver?

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    the reciever is just sitting on the dash the cord is too short for anywhere else

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    awesome install! i have a similar monitor/eeepc/carnetix psu setup in my mini cooper. i'm thinking of upsizing to a tiguan. i'm an audio newb and have a bunch of questions if you don't mind.

    is powering and grounding the amp straightforward? how did you hook the amp to the speakers? some special harness? just splice it in the oem harness with some wiring diagram? did you install an aftermarket backup cam? use a relay off of the reverse light wiring to switch video input? i think i have the same sunlight readable monitor with a back-up cam video switch wire. also, is that the Metra double-din frame? room to add a remote amp volume knob on the side of the frame? any steering wheel control interfaces avaiable?

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