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Thread: 2007 Camry LE: Project '07 MACry

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    The HDMI woes of... Summer!!

    Work and wedding planning have been my world for the last several months (as many of you would imagine). This car and the road are my release.
    So thankful I started this hobby/journey years ago.

    What's new, you ask?
    • The MACry setup, save a few things, is still up and running! It is not afraid of any weather!
    • After a year and change of HDMI, I may have to return to VGA. I'll explain in a bit.
    • I still have not replaced the rear-view camera! But when I do, I will change the turn signal lights too.
    • With the outstanding sound my Alpine front speakers are generating, I am heavily considering redoing the back speakers to Alpine as well!
    • After some reluctance, I now have Sirius. To have it all flow through the Mac, I bought an app called Radium, which not only allows me to run 1010WINS and other internet radio, but links to my Sirius XM internet radio so I can play those channels as well!
    • I may be in the market for a new GPS dongle. Details later.

    HDMI vs. VGA
    Over the last year or so, I've set up and used the 10.1" screen through an HDMI connection to my MACry. The clarity of the images and video are fantastic. Connection is plug and play, as opposed to plug, twist, twist, and play. But during that year, I've noticed one growing drawback.
    The fuzzy screen that indicates I'm losing signal kept coming and going as time went on. It occurs frequently in the summer, and when driving around NYC (and more specifically, the west side midtown area). Fall through spring, you rarely see it. And I cannot provide the link between areas with lots of technology and my MACry's fuzzy screen issues. But it has left me but one option to consider: switching back to VGA connection.
    I was going to do a poll, asking the mp3car community what connects their PCs to their screens. But my sixth sense tells me the answers may all (or at least 90%) say VGA. Therefore, I'll swap them out sometime this weekend, and see what happens.

    The state of the Global Positioning System
    Another tidbit of note started some time after I updated the GPS maps to 2014 Garmin N/A. On occasion, GMPC, and most times, when giving turn-by-turn directions, crashes on me. Sometimes I will get this weird small message, complete with failure codes. Other times, it will go smooth off, and just say the Garmin had to shut down. The tricky thing about it is, the software gets no updates, and prior to the maps being updated, the software ran fine.
    Over the last week, I started paying more attention to it. And I realised that everytime I had to restart the system, it initially looked like GMPC couldn't locate the receiver. As a matter of fact, it would take a while before I could click back on the map to resume turn-by-turn. I therefore have begun to consider the possibility that after several years of service, it's about time to retire the Globalsat BU353 USB GPS Receiver. No, not the newer S4 model either, the original.
    There have been rave responses to this receiver, so I will take another Chinese leap of faith with this unit.

    Niagra Falls
    Did talks stall? Did winter end up there?
    Now that I'm this close to the finish line, I can't wait for the trip!

    Until next time...
    Where there will be pics and new cameras and lights and what not...
    Last edited by Project07MACry; 07-24-2014 at 02:00 PM. Reason: Updating link for new GPS!
    All systems are a go...
    Currently in "tweaking" mode.

    The Worklog

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