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Thread: 2gen 4runner aspire one in dash + dual screen

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    Talking 2gen 4runner aspire one in dash + dual screen

    Hi everybody ive been reading stuff here for a while and finally started my build ive been looking at soo many options an decided to go with a double din enclosure with everything on it soo i can move it to another car in a future or whatever and also that way it can be easy recreated im gonna use an acer aspire one d250 as the base i took it apart and im gonna make a double din enclosure for it the screen is gonna be a lilliput eby 701 i already got that too and im getting hopefully before the weekend a slot load slim sata dvd burner and a Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 External Sound Card that im gonna put in the box also anybody has experience with this sound card ??
    Plus im planning on using the screen from the aspire one as a secondary screen to put in the roof i dont know if extending the wires around 6 feet is going to work but ill try in thinking they will work using telephone wires any thoughts about that ??
    Also the front of the enclosure where the lilliput is going to go is gonna be pretty tight because i dont have space to put the slim dvd slot drive unles i put it in the side of the screen sideways and relocate the buttons of the screen itself soo i can keep a box thats gonna be 7*4
    what you guys think of the sidemounted dvd drive a slot load one ???

    Well the power i was thing about a dc dc regulator before everything soo i can power the screen and the laptop with a constant straight power and use a regular car charger for the aspire one from ebay only like 15 bucks.
    Well i think thats all for now il also put you know gps bluetooth rearview camera and who knows what else ill uplaod pictures and ill have more for you guys of my runner project in a couple days this is just the beggining of a nice one hopefully

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    Hey I'm using an Aspire One too, but I'm keeping it in one piece as I use it for other purposes outside the car. Using the car charger too.

    So you're going to put the One and the lilliput in the dash, and extend the original screen to the roof? I don't know if it would work that far, wouldn't it be easier to buy a touchscreen overlay kit and use the original screen as the main? unless of course it's a size problem, has to fit double-din.

    Anyway sounds good, I couldn't bring myself to split open my One, at least not yet.
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    well im got the lilliput in the dash looks awesome i still have to put everything together and need some wires and waiting for the sound card to come in the mail.
    I'm having trouble getting the aspire one original screen to work with 5 feet of wires the back light comes on but thats about it actually i really didn't expect it to work but i was not gonna use that screen anyways well im still trying ill keep you guys updated

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