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Thread: 2009 Cobalt - basic straight forward install - simplest route

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    If anyone is interseted I do have a GMOS Lan 04 and the JoyCon USB device for sale. I used it in my 2007 HHR. The GMOS Lan allowed me to plug into the BUS and get chimes back after removing the Head Unit.

    It also allowed me to get info on what button was pressed on the stearing wheel, which I in turn used the Joy Con device to see and work with my computer. (Centrafuse. The Joycon device allows you to program keystokes that play when a button on the steering wheel is pressed.

    Let me know.



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    Quote Originally Posted by YelloEye View Post
    This it's an awesome setup. By any chance were you able to use the stock wheel controls and Bluetooth?
    Thanks, it's been working out very nicely and has been totally worth it. My car doesn't have bluetooth, and I have tried to implement the bluetooth through ride runner. However, through a mixture of technical issues and not the best hardware, it has not worked well. The biggest issue being echo. I know if I throw money at the problem (like get a Phoenix Audio MT107A), I could probably get it going good the way I want it. However, I opted to get a blueant S4 standalone bluetooth speaker for a good price, and it has been working "very" nicely.

    I haven't made any attempt at using the steering wheel controls. It just hasn't really been something that I wanted to do. Though, I have been meaning to implement some analog style volume control, just haven't gotten around to it.

    I've been meaning to update the thread anyway, so I'll add this here. One thing that I have done very recently in the last couple of weeks is install a tplink TL-MR3020 mobile router. Got it for cheap at $30 and it allows me to run my LTE internet stick and automatically connect to the internet when the car is powered on. It gets its power from USB, so very simple to add on to the system. Normally with the internet sticks you have to manually run their software and manually log in each time. With the TPlink it is automatic, and separate from the OS. Now my car is a hotspot as well since the TPlink is a full wireless router. On top of that, I installed Plex which allows me to gracefully stream videos to any device that can wirelessly connect to the router, and has a great interface for the mobile device. I have encoded videos to h264 in such a way that most relatively current mobile devices (such as android) can play them directly (as opposed to the carputer having to spend CPU transcoding). So far I have tested having two simultaneous devices streaming videos from the carputer, and they work flawlessly with no resource impact on the carputer. They are at 854x480 and very good quality. To that end, my main goal is to install my touchstone inductive charger for the backseat so that I can put the hp touchpad back there as needed. That way it can provide video and audio entertainment completely independent of the head unit (other than streaming from it). Not a lot of options back there for mounting, so I'm trying to think of something creative which is probably the biggest hurdle in all of this.

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