Way overdue for an update-

I started a 40-60hr/week job before I finished teaching at the end of the semester, so I've literally had very little time off to work on the project. I had a quick jumpstart to the project when my girlfriend told me a few weeks ago that she wanted to take my car on a trip to Nebraska for the annual pow-wow. Until a few days ago, I had been using an mp3 player attached directly to the front input channels of my pdx-5 amp.

I roughed out the faceplate enough to attach the screen to the dash piece and install it in the car. Its not pretty, but it is in. Though I plan to redo the case in metal with some help soon, I left it in the little briefcase and cut a hole in the top so the cpu can breath. Due to time constraints, I purchased and installed centrafuse. So far everything is pretty much working. I'm getting some noise from the harddrive through the audio, and I believe my amp ground is not great, so I'll need to spend some time on that.

She leaves in 4 days, so I've been trying to work out the bugs and tweak centrafuse whenever I have a chance. I really dislike the navigation maps on centrafuse. They take me on odd routes and appear really outdated. Although I got nav working, every once and a while it wont setup the gps properly upon startup.

The DSATX works perfectly, I currently have it in basic mode at stock settings, so it shuts down after 10 minutes and I cold boot it every time. Not optimal, but it should be ok for their trip (3kmiles?) I don't think I want to risk doing sleep modes until I have time to work out bugs. I wired a reset button and laid it at the feet of the passenger just in case it locks up.

I'm going to have them take a garmin gps along just in case, so hopefully at least the pc will function for audio, if nothing else.

It connects to bluetooth just fine, and I received an incoming call by accident, but don't have a mic installed yet. I'd like to at least attempt to get that working before they leave, but there will always be a passenger so it isn't a big deal.

So thats the word! Working on it in spare hours at the beginning/end of the day!