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Thread: 2008 Holden/Opel Astra Install

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    I am trying to do the same.

    I do know that opel radios and the displays use I2C bus type coms with each other.
    I have a motherboard that has I2C on it and I am hopping to use it to send info to the display or take the info from the radio and display it in centrafuse.

    I have found a site that people have moded the displays here is the link

    I hope the OP of this comes back and let us know how he is getting on with his project.

    Just started me carpc here is a tempory link to pic of it

    my worklog

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    Hi all,

    Sorry for the long hiatus, I'm back now if anyone has any questions. Only been a couple of years..

    As far as I got with this project was having WinAmp run entirely off my laptop, with steering wheel controls and updating the car's screen via CAN (along with all track listings/playlists, sound options, EQ options, subwoofer volume etc). At that point to some degree the challenge/fun was over for me and I lost interest... but now due to ICE reasons I've decided I want to get it going ASAP, so going to take a little holiday from work and see where I can get.

    Two main other things demotivated me: smoking my FM radio receiver and being unable to find any DAB+ usb receiver, and not being able to find a screen that'd fit neatly into the head unit I have. All a fraction too big!

    I've now decided to simplify things though, run screen-less using just the OEM screen for info (why not!) and I'm no longer addicted to radio.. so I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

    So that pretty much means.. I'm already there, just need to hook a dedicated car pc up to the head unit's front panel (so I can use stock buttons/volume knob), rewrite it and probably open source what I've done.

    Will update this thread as I go.

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    Welcome back Mania!

    We've been waiting so long for such update. Keep us posted, it's still very interesting

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    Quote Originally Posted by ma_jk View Post
    Welcome back Mania!

    We've been waiting so long for such update. Keep us posted, it's still very interesting
    Agreed, it's funny actually - I was just on here yesterday for the first time in quite a while, checking to see if you had made any progress with you project, and trying to get motivated to work on my own. Then this morning I get an email since I'm subscribed to your thread.

    Anyway, awesome work - keep us posted!
    2008 Saturn Astra XR5
    Progress: 0%...

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