Been a long time reader of these forums as I've wanted to make a Car PC for aslong as I've had a car! So this christmas I decided to get it for myself.

So I Ordered/Found around the place:
Lilliput 629
VW Golf Factory harness
Bluetooth Dongle

Currently Im using a old Shuttle (P4) as the PC, which is overkill but is small and free The plan is to get a new ITX pc into a tiny box that can be stored in the glove box/under seat.

I'm using Centrafuse v2 as the front end, and Garmin Mobile PC for the GPS. I tried CFv3 but since the GPS is so lacking for Australia I reverted to v2.

Since I've been putting this up on one of my car forums, Ill put everything into this post so far:

Day 1

Required before photo

After removing the old radio and finally getting it all working off the car with the stock monsoon amplifier. Big thanks to these forums for the FAQ, no way would I have worked that out

Dremeling away to fit the LCD in, will bondo/sand/paint to make it look stock.. ish

Day 2

Got some plastibond from bunnings(think walmart) to start on the facia. This was the first coat/rough cut. It looks much better now, but still needs sanding/filling/etc

The PITA voltage regulator/injector that we need to use to make the VW monsoon factory amp turn on.

Day 3
It was Christmas today, so didn't get much time on it.
But found a way of getting no/low noise onto the audio
Cabled power adapter for the LCD
Cabled on/off switch for PC
Changed the M2-ATX PSU into auto on/off mode as I located an easy switched power source.

Took a video of it turning on/off here:

Day 4
Had people over for most of the day (plus a few hours of TV.. Dr Who! )
Got a few hours in tonight.

Made a heap of progress on the facia

After some more filler, cutting and light sanding, 100grit then 180 Wet'n'dry

Cleaned and undercoated

First coat of black, there will be a heap of coats and sanding to come to make it smooth and fix those blemishes. But atleast it can go into the car for testing if needed.

Current comparison to the stock VW radio(Dosn't even play MP3s ! )

Day 5
Lots of Wiring!

Spent my spare time today getting the cabling setup. I made a black box(Pics coming) for the inputs/outputs that goes into the factory harness. Threaded the wiring to the passenger floor.

Fitting the dash back together

Everything ready to turn on

It works!! (Yes I know, I broke something stupid air vents are held in with friction and I managed to drop a bit down the back somewhere)

Starting the facia again from scratch after the WAF was bad

Day 6

Spent a few hours(yes hours, quite sunburnt (39C today) ) sanding, painting, sanding, painting..

It passed the WAF test. So enough sanding and onto the next step.

Relocated the lilliput buttons and IR receiver to the rear top of the screen. Have tested this to work when its all back in the car, so now I had to work out how to make it stay in one spot.

Bye bye gap, hello plastibond

Gaps filled and standoffs made for the corners, hopefully tomorrow ill be able to screw the lid onto them.

Shops open again tomorrow, so it'll be back to Jaycar for more goodies of the electrical kind.

Thanks for reading!