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Thread: 2003 Grand Cherokee 4x4 Expedition Vehicle - Worklog (dockable HP Laptop)

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    a few weeks ago i took the whole system out (except left the monitor and keyboard mounted), and began slowly troubleshooting all my intermittent issues by adding only a single cable and or accessory at a time and then using the thing in each configuration for several days to make sure where the problems really were. here's what i found out:

    - my longer cable for my display would work with power, vga, video, but the usb touch panel portion would randomly stop working and show up as an unkown device in device manager (win7). whenever i removed this longer cable and put in the shorter cable that came with the display, everything was fine. i verified this several times. i thought i had a bad cable, or it was just too long to work due to noise or voltage drop. turns out that the longer cable was not meant to work with my 5-wire touch version of the screen, only with the 4-wire versions - doh!

    - whenever i had the touch-screen and the receiver for the wireless keyboard plugged into the same hub, the mouse action from either would work super slow and somewhat erratically. i finally realized that the carnetix hub is actually 2 individuals hubs electronically (as per device manager), and as long as i plug the touchscreen into one of those (say ports 1 or 2) and the RF mini keyboard into a different one (ports 3 or 4) then the mouse and touch action both work just fine. i read recently about usb 1 and 2 and "multiple transaction translators" in hubs -that probably has something to do with the issue.

    - the biggest issue, the car power adapter i had gotten for the laptop from ebay. apparently it was "browning out" when the jeep wasn't running, even though i had 12.74 volts. i just happened to notice that the power light on it was pulsing when the jeep wasn't running sometimes. the laptop had it's own battery power, so it wasn't really affected, but since the adapter was powering the dock, which had all the usb breakout on it, the browning out was randomly resetting all the usb devices. this is the second time a cheap power supply has kicked my a$$ with electronics projects lately - resolution: only buy quality power supplies from now on!

    for a couple weeks i had everything sitting just in the back seat with just the shorter CarTFT breakout cable and wired up using a new iGo power adapter that worked fine with the jeep off. with this setup, everything began to stabilize! i was able to then isolate only 2 remaining issues. 1) the iGo doesn't survive engine cranking, so i ordered a carnetix power supply. 2) i went back to the globalsat gps now that other issues are fixed, but it will loose it's 3d fix once in a while. this happens in plain view of the sky and the fix establishes again within a couple minutes at most. it's only happened twice, and on longer trips, so not sure what the resolution to this issue is.

    so i'm eagerly awaiting the carnetix supply and i'll test for a while with it before i try to mount everything out of site again.

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    random other mod today...

    the built in laptop wifi doesn't work so good when it's sitting closed in it's cradle down in the back of the jeep right up against the metal body panel. today i found that i had a netgear wn121t wireless adapter sitting in a pile of parts, so i decided i'd try it out for the carputer.

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    i opened up the case and took out the circuit board which has an integrated antenna. then i threw some shrink wrap around the exposed wires near the end of the usb cabe, and used some gorilla tape to seal the whole thing up and make it all black.

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    i'll double-sided tape this flat to the rear side window near the laptop dock and that should get me a little better wifi reception. not as nice as an external antenna, but it was free!

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    so the first carnetix supply that i received worked on bench testing thru one power up and down cycle, then never came back (no light, no fan, no usb recognition, just dead). i sent it back via 2-day UPS in hopes of getting it back quickly. but then it took 2 weeks for mp3car to even look at it, and decide it was dead and then they shipped me a new one. and i still had to pay the shipping to them for the dead product, which is ridiculous. i'm used to dealing with companies with better online service. then when the second supply finally came, i shut down immediately because of a fan fault. i opened it and spun the fan manually and then the fan got going and it's been working for a few days now. overall i now don't have a lot of confidence now in the carnetix stuff. the features list is awesome, but the quality control apparently isn't there. if there was anyone offering exactly what they have, i'd recommend it. but the closest thing i've found would require 2 units for the 2 voltages i want, and 2 usb connections then to manage them both.

    anyway, rant over!

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    cleaned up some wiring and mounted the carnetix supply:

    the carnetix sits behind the vent at the bottom of this plastic panel, so it can breath:

    i needed a hub for more ports than the dock has, and so to prevent any single long runs of USB i put the hub in the middle of the vehicle (so there's one half-car length usb run to it, then it's powered, and then the front usb stuff runs another half-car length to it):

    i've done several short trips around locally with this setup and it's working fine, coming on and off automatically as it should, touchscreen and gps working reliably. now i need to go on a longer trip to see if i still have the problem with the gps dropping out randomly for a few seconds even in clear sky view.
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    What software are you using for the ODB setup?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ke5eua View Post
    What software are you using for the ODB setup?
    i've been using touchscan

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    the carnetix supply died again, so i decided to rip everything out and start a new direction with a tablet. i could have just replaced the power supply since everything else has been working reliably, but i wanted to try something new anyway!

    new worklog started here...

    this means i have parts for sale!!! PM me if interested:

    8" USB Touchscreen LCD Monitor 12v
    - LED backlight, Autodimmer, 400 nits, 500:1 contrast, auto-on, 1 VGA input, 3 Video inputs, 5-Wire resistive touch
    - Supports 640x480 - 1024x768 (native 800x600), auto-switch to rearview camera (signal sense on one video input), usb port (hub), built in speaker, IR remote control, mounting bracket, AC adapter, 12v DC direct hook-up cable
    - In original box, includes original dash mounting bracket and RAM VESA bracket for use with RAM Mounts
    - More info:
    $205 + buyer pays shipping.

    12.1" HP TX2500 (simliar TX2000) AMD Turion Dual-Core 2.0 GHz Touchscreen Laptop Convertible Tablet / 3GB RAM / 250GB HD
    - AC Adapter, WiFi, DVD-RW, Pen/Stylus, Media Center Remote, Ethernet, 3 USB, Modem, S-Video Out, VGA Out, Expansion Port 3 dock connector
    - In great condition, only small discoloration in one spot on touchpad & the extended battery no longer holds a charge for very long (easy replace)
    - I will load with your choice of a fresh install of Windows 8 Pro or Windows 7 Ultimate (100% legal and activated versions, not some cracked junk)
    - More Info:
    $325 + buyer pays shipping.

    HP Quickdock 2.0 Port replicator hacked to have remote power on/off. Allows you to turn on/off any HP laptop having a Expansion Port 3 connector via a remote switch or with an automated startup/shutdown controller (like is integrated into the Carnetix power supply)
    - Features 6 USB 2.0 ports, VGA out, 10/100Ethernet port, 1/8" headphone out, 1/8" mic in, S/PDIF (Sony/Phillips Digital Interface) RCA digital audio, power connector, expansion port 3 connector.
    - Works with the above laptop or HP Pavilion dv4, dv5, dv6, dv7, dv2000, dv6000, dv9000, tx2, tx1000, tx2000 series; HP HDX 16, 18 series; Compaq Presario CQ45, V3000, V6000 series (verify you have the Expansion Port 3 connector!).
    - Does not include AC adapter (designed to use laptop's adapter).
    - More info:
    $55 + buyer pays shipping.
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