Ok guys, this car is not going to be around long, so I pretty much use it as a 'test bench'. Reason being is because I picked it up as a donor car to build a Shelby AC Cobra kit car as soon as I build the funds back up. But. . .the carputer is actually going to go into another project of mine that is taking MONTHS to get back from the body shop. That project is a '66 Mustang, and it's going to be UBER SWEET when it gets finished. But, I was getting tired of waiting for it, so I decided to go ahead and play with the car pc in my donor Mustang.

I ended up taking the passenger seat out in order to put the car PC under the seat, and yes, it will fit! Since the job is temporary, I mounted the amplifier right behind the PC.

As you can see, I've got the new Centrafuse 3 up and running. The dash kit is a Metra 95-5025. Keep in mind that there's also a 99-5025 also for the Mustang, but it's not a double din version.

I thought this was cool: the XM Direct fits right under the armrest without obstructing anything quite well. A little velcro and I slapped it down.

Behind the screen, I was able to fit the Visteon HD box, although I didn't take a picture because it's hidden (duh). Eventually, I'll get my Megasquirt wired up to interface with the Centrafuse.

Ok, everybody enjoy their projects!