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Thread: Hyundai I10 CarPC

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    Hyundai I10 CarPC

    This is my first CarPC install, and it's going into a 2009 Hyundai I10. For those of you that don't know it
    I already have some of the stuff i'll be using.

    Pre built CarPC from Mocoso with Zotac IonITX D-E Motherboard
    Lilliput 629 in Double Din Frame
    Directed HD Radio

    Pioneer GM-D7400M amp
    Pioneer GM-6400F amp
    Pioneer TS-D1720C components
    Pioneer TS-A1683R speakers
    Pioneer TS-SW841D Subs

    Pictures are coming as soon as I start putting stuff in the car.

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    do you have any updates on this? I am also looking for installing a carpc in my i10. It would be great if you can share few pictures.

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