I have been working on this guy for a while. I am almost done, but I am thinking about how I am going to make a face plate to cover the gaps around the receiever.

Truckputer Specs:

Mobo Intel D945GCLF2D
Screen Lilliput 629GL
Chassis Shocknet Aluminum Chassis
Kit Metra 95-5812
Bezel Bybyte 629-701
HD Torqx 2.5" 64GB SSD
DVD LG GP08 DVD writer
GPS BU-353
WiFi Belkin N F5D8053
BT USB Dongle
MIC Andrea Superbeam

I built the computer into a double din chassis I got from shocknet that was built for the ford mustang. With the vga cable hanging out of the back it fits, but it is pushing on the A/C tube behind it. It hasn't been an issue so far though.

Here is a shot of the puter before installation:

Here is a shot of the puter installed. Below it you can see the face I chose. I ran it without a face for a few months, but I wanted radio and better sound. I found the kenwood for $160 as a refurb, which was significantly cheaper than buying a new sound card and and fm/am reciever.

Here you can see the face installed. I used a piece of angled sheet metal to make the brackets, and a piece of flat sheet metal to go along the sides. I drilled holes into sleeve that comes with the face, and attached the brackets to the sides of the sleeve. Lastly, I used self tapping screws to attach the unit to the truck. I had to dremel the opening about a 1/2 inch on each side to get everything to fit.

Here is the puter installed and close up. It screws in where the old radio was with the standard metra kit. I did put washers behind the top screws so the puter would fit with the curvature of the dash.

I ran the usb extensions into the center console. I cut the hole you see there with an exacto knife. You can also see the DVD burner in this shot.

Here is a close up of the hole:

Showing off the amps. They go behind the rear seat. The sub is under the seat.

Here are a few shots of where I am at now:

Now I just have to decide on a way to cover up the gaps in the dash around the face.